Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last week Jon was let go at work. It was a really sad story but hopefully will be a happy ending. It all started because a travel agent booked a flight from Seattle to Baltimore for a time he was suppose to be on vacation (near Seattle.) The travel agent quickly unbooked the flight...but the damage was done. See Jon's old boss is taking work from the company he works for, they passed on the job by the way but the company doesn't want this guy doing the same kind of work. It's all perfectly legal what he is doing too. Jon and the old boss are friends. So when this paper work of booking a flight to Baltimore (where the old boss's job has business) they assumed Jon was taking his vacation time and working for him. They even called him during our vacation and asked if he booked these flights which he said no. Wouldn't you think the next call would be to the travel agent?? They assumed he was lying so last week they told him he was being let go for "improper conduct" FOR SOMETHING THE TRAVEL AGENT DID! After he talked to them and told them this is a huge mistake the damage was already done but now they are just saying we are terminating the position. This company sucks for one to think that my husband is that dishonest and two for not manning up an realizing they made a HUGE mistake and pretty much rocking our world. We will be fine, it just has been nice having Jon here working from home the past couple years. It's made this parenting thing so much better!

Kindergarten assessment

Samantha had her Kindergarten assessment on Weds. She had to go in a room with a K teacher while I filled out paper work. When the teacher and her came out the teacher was smiling and giggling and said "that is one sharp girl" yay Sam! Samantha said that she had to write her name, tell her letters and first letters of a picture she showed her. She is so excited to go to school...August 9 at 8 am!

Dara Torres

I follow Dara Torres on twitter. I use twitter as my fluff reading instead of buying People or Us mag I get the info and pictures directly from the famous person I want to follow. Dara is an inspiration. She is 43 yrs old, has been in 5 Olympics for swimming won 12 medals (3 silvers in Beijing) she has a 4 year old daughter so she is just fun to follow. She had a book signing Tuesday night in Scottsdale so I headed over to meet her and get her booked signed to.

p.s that's not my kid in the background...

ice cream

The Kemp's came over for dinner and a little dip in the pool...oh yea and ice cream cones!

Allison, Samantha, Courtney, Sydney and Bradley! (Amy and Alyssa in the background)

farmer Jon

the seedling said it was a cucumber, biggest cuke I have ever seen and it even tasted like one!

the zoo

Kim and I got up early one morning to try and beat the heat and took the kiddos to the zoo. We got there around 930 am it was already really hot. (welcome to Phx in July) We took the electric train around to see all the animals...

and we spent a majority of the time at the splash park inside the zoo.

and of course we ended the trip with the merry go round!

*my little camera broke while we were in WA and sometimes I just dont want to carry around the big ol these pictures are from my and Kim's camera phone

Lake Pleasant and Alyssa's birthday cake

On Sunday the 18th we packed a lunch and headed down to our gym to swim in the pool. When we got there the pool was closed "until further notice" they must have gotten a parasite or something so Jon suggested we go to Lake Pleasant. Great idea! The only bad thing about the day was our lunch was packed for the gym pool so no beer! Going to the lake without beer is just well wrong! Poor Sydney got sick on the car drive up and was great while we were there but threw up on the way home to. It was funny though because she told us she got sick because Daddy put sunscreen in her eyes!
We all swam out to the little island!

When we got back I went down and got Alyssa a birthday cake since we hadnt celebrated her 25 birthday with her. Yummy ice cream cake from Baskins and Robbins!

slip n slide

Sarah had bought a slip n slide for the bay and the girls had so much fun we had to go get one for ourselves. I ended up getting the jumbo one (bummed though cuz it was twice as much as I thought it was going to be) but it's been getting a lot of use so it was well worth it!

Samantha and the mom

Sam really wanted me to post this picture on the blog of the two us...

baking w Namy!

Namy bought all the girls matching apron outfits...always fun baking w Namy

Sugar cookies!
What a great trip we had... can't wait for next years adventure!!

Birch Bay 2010

Our last day on the beach.

I was trying to get them to do the "Charlie's Angel's" pose
samantha and trinity

The kids got a little cold so we only stayed out there for only an hour before we headed back in for lunch. We packed up and headed back to the ranch for our last night...where we slept in the tent. Sam said it just isn't the same without Daddy. (so true no loud snoring...unless you count Syd, boy can she snore!)

one last bon fire on the beach

On Tuesday night we had our last bon fire on the beach. We roasted hot and s'more's of course. Uncle Fred (Papa's Brother)was in town for the evening and Aunt Lois (Lori's mom)came out for it. So did Max, Nicole, Namy and Papa.

max and nicole spent a lot of time skipping rocks w the girlies

of course Syds favorite is the s'more!

Sydney ended up going back to the "ranch" for a sleepover by herself w Namy and Papa. But when I woke up on Weds morning the sky was clear so I went and got her so we could have one last beach day. Syd just loves to build sand castles so I didn't want her to miss it.

off to the candy shop...

Lori and I wanted a good latte so we walked down to the bay cafe and of course to the kids it was a candy shop! All the girls cried over who got to hold Trinity's hand...she only has 2 and there are 3 girls wanting to hold it. Sam was a trooper and let the twinks. On the way home it was a challenge so no one got to!

they all got candy necklaces

and I did let them try poprocks

Friday, July 30, 2010

Trinity (and Lori)

Monday July 12

Trinity and Lori came up for a week out at Birch Bay. We stayed with them for the first two nights and had a blast. The weather wasnt all that warm but we made the most of it anyways...
We went for a walk along the beach late in the day.

I had to take a picture of Sarah's cabins and the rainbow!

It's just a little slice of paradise!

Earlier in the day a friend from childhood who I connected through facebook came out to Birch Bay with her boys. We hadnt seen each other since high school and it was so great to see her in person. Facebook is pretty awesome that way!

Only four more blogs and vacation will be done...then I have to catch up on the month!

Max, pedicures and goofiness

Max came out on Sunday July 11 for dinner and playing. It took awhile for them to warm up to him but once they did it was loud and crazy...

I spent the afternoon getting a pedicure and walking around the mall, 4 hours of no kids was much needed. I stopped by Target and picked out nail polish for the girls which made them very happy!

Samantha and Courtney being silly

they love eachother!