Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a loft camp out

Last night Alyssa had a special night w the girls. It was her last night alone w them. Joe comes tonight, her mom comes tomorrow and on Friday they drive off to WA. So last night Jon and I went and saw a movie "Hot Tub Time Machine" while the girls went hot tubing and had a camp out in the loft. We were very impressed because we got home at 9:35 and they were all sound asleep...

if you look closely Sydney and Alyssa are holding hands...she is going to be missed!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prescott, AZ

Yesterday Jon had to deliver the 'guts' of a juke box to Prescott, AZ so the kids and I went along for the ride. The company that he was bringing it up for owned a family fun center so while Jon worked we played! They gave us a gift card and we have enough to come back again. The town of Prescott is pretty neat and hopefully this summer we'll go up for a weekend. The kids had a blast!
putt putt

everybody loves french fries

Courtney slept practically the whole way home after she finished up the bag of fritos!

putt putt golf

Putt putt golf in Prescott, AZ

Monday, March 29, 2010

On our way thru NM to TX last week we stopped at a store with a ton of fireworks. I bought the kids some sparklers which they loved...I wish I would have bought more!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


We met up today with Victoria and her husband Curtis for a late breakfast at the Cracker Barrell. I was roomates w Vic when I was at Christ College Irvine. We lost touch for a really long time and about 3 years ago she found me. They live in Riverside, CA so we saw each other last year on our drive back from Sam's birthday Disneyland trip. They (meaning Curtis) are big Angels fans so they came out to AZ for some spring training and to celebrate their 20 years of marriage! It was great to see them!

Sunday School!

The twins went to Sunday school for the first time today. Now that Sydney is potty trained she can go. They have just been going to the nursery while Sam went to Sunday school and I went to church. Today one of their teachers baby boy was baptized so they all got to go up and watch. It was really cute. The girls were great except at one point Courtney wasnt done w her art project and it was snack time so she started crying, the teacher let her finish. Sam told me that one of her teachers has a grandmother "who is 101 and isnt dead. That is so cool!"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sydney is out of diapers!

On Tuesday after swim lessons Sydney said what I have been waiting for a long time "I dont want to wear diapers anymore, I want to be a big girl!" Music to my ears. She has only had 2 accidents since then but hasnt pooped yet. I am soooo hoping that goes well! Yay now we just need to figure out the night time training for both Syndey and Courtney then I wont have to buy anymore diapers!!


Remember when you were a kid and you lay on your back and look at the clouds while looking for shapes the clouds looked like? Well it's happening here but with Courtneys poop. She always lookes at it and yells out what it looks like. The other night she said it looked like a taco so Syd ran in there to see and she said the other one looked like a teddy bear. I didnt think it was apporpiate to take a picture of it but I did find it rather funny!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Texas Road Trip!

For Spring Break we headed to TX to visit Jon's sister and her family. We drove the 19 hours to get there. I bought the girls a few new videos and Barbie the Mermaid was their favorite they probably watched it 10 times on the way there and back! It was a long drive but we stopped in San Antonio which is only 15 hours away and stayed for the night and part of Sunday. (I made the pictures small because there are so many of them. You can click on them to see them bigger if you'd like)

At a rest stop for some soccer fun

and the girls love to pose for the camera now!

Walking to the River Walk in San Antonio

posing again!

and again!

on the river walk in SA. It is so beautiful. I wish we could have spent more time there!

Sam is still the best modeler!

the girls!

We took a boat ride on the river!

very cool building that looks like it's only one sided

In front of the Alamo. We didnt go in because the line went around the block.

Eating at a non chain restaurant on the River Walk. It was sorta sad how many chains were there.

Playing the guitar at Pa's house

fun times on the fourwheelers!

the twins loved the baby bed

Pa finally came home and the kids were so excited to see him.

Ryan teaching Sam all about Pa's electric guitar!

A future country western singer?

Courtney played like a bass.

At the Houston Rodeo. Look at all that meet! The Turkey legs were delish!! Sydney practically ate one all to her self

Way to many people. It was free kid day so there were a ton of kids and the wits for the rides were a little longer then normal

Me and the twinks onthe balloon ride. Courtney loved all the rides and Sydney was scared of a lot of them. She wouldnt get on unless I went too!

Kaitlyn and Sam on the rollercoaster

Rhonda Sydney Courtney and I all in a row on the Merry go round. Syndey in the middle of the ride decided she wanted to be with me and tried to get down. Rhonda caught her. Silly and Scary!

Who doesnt like cotton candy!

Samantha won her very first carnival prize by throwing a ball and having it land on yellow. It's a stuffed penguin! She was very happy but we accidently left it in TX.

We went Old McDonald Farm near their cousins house. It was really fun. It had lots of playgrounds and animals to pet and even a train ride around the park.

a "gaggle" of Chickens!

Courtney had to pet the donkey!


and really fun rope swing!

and Auntie Rhonda ended the day with tasty popsicles!

She is just so adorable sleeping w her Beary

The last couple days I got sick (sinus infection and a nasty cough) so the drive home was pretty miserable. Jon drove the entire way home and we started in some pretty crazy rain!

The modelers in the hotel in El Paso!