Thursday, April 28, 2011


The twinks were super busy picking dandelions for me this afternoon!

Taco Tuesday

We've always had tacos on Tuesday. I can't remember when it started but that's what we have every Tuesday. Since we moved up here Uncle Lex, Aunt Leah, Alexa Kay have come out. We even had Max and Nicole grace us with their presence one week. I love it!

Uncle Lex being the horse!

a new wallet

The twinks just asked me what my wedding date was. I told them. February 7, 2004. They then asked if I gotten a new wallet then. I said no. They then informed me I can never get a new wallet now because my wedding day has passed. They said they heard on TV that you can only get a new on the day you get married. I really wonder what Nick Jr is teaching them!

Monday, April 25, 2011

the play area

The play area is finally done! I wish I would have taken before and after shots though. In this area was a bar that we definitely wouldn't use. It was Namys idea, she thought the bar was a big waste of space! She would have loved it! It will be nice to have their toys in one area well an area for their toys to go at least!


Fun afternoon with family and friends!

Egg hunt rules!

Tina found her egg first!

Nicole was the last one to find hers...Last year she never did find it. It was found a couple months ago though~
Yummy spread--Ham, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, homemade rolls, ceasar salad, roasted red potatoes, green jello!


Robins nest

During the egg hunt we found a nest with three beautiful blue eggs! Their will be posts after they hatch!

Easter morning

I woke the girls up early for church. They were excited to get their baskets. Good stuff! They got all pretty upped in their new Easter dresses and off to church we all went. The youth group put on a omelet bar pancake breakfast. It was really tasty! The girls went to Sunday school where they had an Easter program for them while we went to the service. He has Risen...He has Risen Indeed!




after the egg hunt the girls painted with the water colors that were in their Easter baskets! Samantha painted me in my Easter dress, Sydney painted a clown and COurtney Easter eggs!

Easter baskets

Fry fest and egg dyeing

After soccer on Saturday we went over to Lex and Leahs to dye Easter eggs and try out the fryer that Namy had in her cupboard that had never been used. I was going to put it in our big garage sale next month and Jon didnt like that idea at all. the girls did a great job on the eggs. They really got into it. The dye was great to color with but got all over there hands...except Courtney was very careful with it and she didnt get very much on them!
Sams hands after the wash

3 different flavors of friend wings, friend mushrooms, fried dough, friend twix, friend celery! It was tasty!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Best weather day at the soccer field on Saturday! Sam sure loves to play and she's got talent to!

Jon spoiled the girls with popcorn and Doritos!


Pioneer Pride Award

Friday was the all school assembly and Samantha got a "Pioneer Pride Award" it's like student of the month. Auntie Leah, Alexa, Jon, the twinks and I went to watch her get it. The kids that helped just passed out the awards but didnt read the name so Sam brought her classmate Aneisa award!
Before the awards show Sydney and Courtney entertained the parents who were coming in with their dancing skills!


The other day Alexa came over to watch the twinks while Sam & I went to the dentist and she stayed for the day. She wore Syd out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dentist Eric

Today was dentist day! I went this morning and Sam this afternoon. We went to my good friend from high school Eric McRory. When he was in dental school I was his and a couple of his classmates practice patient before their big final exam.

The twinks go on Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

walking around

Today we spent the afternoon just walking around the yard. I wanted to check out the horse barn (no horses though) to see if it would be a good place for some chickens. It will work just fine. Just have to make some beds for them and a fence around part of the barn so they can run free. Looking forward to some fresh eggs in the near future.
the girls hair is almost at the length that they can put it behind there ears...they hate brushing it these days!

there is a little creek behind the horse barn

the kids really like it here!

Courtney to Sydney "last week Daddy peed on this tree"

got the trampoline out but they decided they wanted it to be put on the deck so they could put their princess dresses on!


On Monday I took the twinks to story time at the library. They gave each kid a little craft to take home. Sydney really enjoyed making hers so did courtney but she didnt want her picture taken...