Thursday, December 30, 2010

21 again....

Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday. Yep I turned 42. The night was nothing like the night 21 years ago that's for sure...yes there was a stop at a bar for one drink and at dinner a few shots of Sake and a big beer but there was no puking on the sidewalk and dancing til wee hours of the morning which was totally fine by me!

The day started off perfectly with all of us snuggling in bed watching a video. Sydney made a card all by herself. She worked really hard on it! Courtney didnt want to make me one... but
Sam made her card float!

Jon made me my favorite breatkfast...Smoked salmon, avocado eggs benedict!

We then went to the movie theater and saw the newest Disney Princess movie "Tangled." It's the Rapunzel story with twists and turns. I think it might be one of my favorites! There were a few scary parts to it but the girls really loved it!
We came home and did nothing except watch more videos since it was very stormy outside. My parents came over and gave me a sewing machine. I have wanted one for awhile but now I have to find someone to teach me how to use it!
I ordered pizzas for Mom, Dad, Alyssa and my girls. After they ate we had a yummy Baskin and Robbins birthday cake. It was 6:30 and Kim wasnt suppose to pick Jon and I up for Sushi until 7:30 so we called her and told her to meet us at the local bar but she was ready to go so she came and took us to a fun bar over by this new sushi place she want to take us. The bar was great. You could bet on the horses and greyhounds...we didnt but it looked like we could spend a good afternoon here! She took us to this new sushi place "Yen Sushi" that we realized was one of our favorites that for some reason we thought was called "Zen Sushi." It was super tasty but we ordered WAY to much! It was a super day couldn't have asked for a better day (well the weather could have been a little more cooperative so we could have gone on a bike ride but I'm not complaining) Happy Birthday to me!

Me and my girls on my birthday! Sorry about the chunk of ? in my teeth but I couldnt not put the pictures up because of that and I didnt want to take the time to photoshop it out! Look at the cute kids instead!

Sydney who is always topless and I am a little worried about that ;)

Samantha who always smiles so pretty for the camera

and Courtney who beats to her own drummer!

My loves

Monday, December 27, 2010

The clean up

My mom has given me a piece of Spode Christmas dishes pretty much every year since I was like 15. Makes for a great season of looking all festive. When I was younger I really hated it and she would always say "one day you will be so happy" ...and I sure am! Moms always know best!!

Jon took the kiddos to the library, lunch and the park while I stayed home and put Christmas away. It's way more fun decorating then undecorating...333 days until I can pull it all out again!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas DAY

Santa came!

The loot!

in the midst of the gift giving!

Sydney and her bling! (plus she can never keep her shirt dinner it was all off)
Pillow Pets (from the California Smiths)

Syndey was so happy...she was the only one that said what she wanted this year- a tea set and Namy went all out and got the Beauty and the Beasts set, hours of fun so far!

Working on the crafts!

a bike ride to the was a good 75* on Christmas Day!

Jon made PRIME RIB, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans...I had the leftover stuffed mushrooms. The adults got stuffed on meat. The kids weren't too thrilled but they loved the pumpkin pie afterwards! AWESOME DAY!

Thank you Jesus!

Christmas EVE

Christmas EVE day started with a hike at Estrella Mountain with Kim (a guide and about 12 other people.) It was a pretty hike with some good little uphills. Beautiful views. An awesome way to start the festivities!
Then there was a twin fight and we think Sydney shut the door in Courtneys face but it looks like her face got rubbed against the stucco!

Samantha was so excited to be Mary at church for 2 services. The whole service (except the sermon) was done by the elemantary kids.

lot's of singing involved in the service!

She did get a little bored at times and yawned a few times but she was still the a great Mary!

She loved holding baby Jesus!

The girls in their Christmas dresses!

me and my girls!

It isn't Christmas Eve without new Christmas jammies!

Jon once again made an exceptional meal! He found a recipe for Ivar's clam chowder, (mmmm so good) ceasar salad, shrimp stuffed mushrooms (Paula Deen's recipe) and tasty crusty bread!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Trinity Lutheran Church Christmas Eve Service

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Samantha played Mary...2 services and she did a wonderful job!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa paper

I wrap the "Santa Gifts" in different paper so the girls know which one is from Santa and which from is from us. Well this afternoon Jon needed some wrapping paper and I realized we were completely out. Courtney then chimed in and said "I know where some is. There is some under your bed!" OH NO she found the Santa paper and I had already wrapped all the Santa Gifts! UGH!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Today we spent the day with namy up at her rv in Surprise. The day went pretty well. Samantha and I were gone to her Christmas eve dress rehearsal for part of the day but namy said the twinks did pretty good for her. When we for back we went and got some KFC. Samantha loves the mashed potatoes and gravy. She ate most of it out the container. The twinks didn't want anything to do with them! We watched a movie (Freaky Friday, it's so sad that Lindsay Lohan turned into such a bad girl) and around 8:20 it was lights out. They didn't want anything to do with sleep. I gave them lots and lot of warnings and Sam and Courtney even got a bum swat which didn't help one bit. ( I dont know why I even attempt to swat their butts it never helps! sometimes the threat of doing it does though, it's just the follow through after the threat that doesnt help!) I even promised the first one to fall asleep that the would get to go pick out donuts in the morning but that didn't even work. At 9:45 we headed back home. Lots of crying was involved especially from Sydney. I was going to let Sam stay so namy wouldn't be alone but she wanted to come back with us. They just couldn't figure out why they had to leave. The three of them just can't sleep in the same room. Next time it will be keeping it at one at a time!

Dress rehearsal

Samantha is Mary at two services Christmas eve (3:30 & 4:45) at Trinity Lutheran church in Litchfield Park. Lot's of signing involved!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

bike riding

This was taken Dec 9 and I forgot to post ...around the block(with a quick stop at Ashton's house!)

The Fairmont Princess Family Holiday Party!

I love the fact that Alyssa works at The Princess we get to go to some really fun things! Today was their family holiday party and they went all out. The kids had a blast!The kids LOVED the characters walking around. They were always jumping up on them and giving them high fives the whole time!
Bobcat Bill...I dont know what he was all about but the kids thought he was great!

Rudolf the RED nosed reindeer! They were super excited to see him!

this is the 2010 Santa picture!

Samantha LOVES Alyssa!

Courtney looked so cute and was so good while she was getting her face painted!

they even got to decorate cookies!

More love to the characters!
Super fun time!


Even though we dont have cable anymore the kids still watch way to much "tv." The past two days though they havent really watched anything because of the birthday party and today we went to Alyssa's work family Christmas party (next blog) so tonight they wanted to watch a little something before bed. They each picked a video from the library, Courtney wanted to watch the Backyardigans in the loft, Sydney watch Dora downstairs and Samantha is watching a Bratz movie in my room. they will all be happy and quiet for at least 30 minutes then it's off to bed!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

FOUR years old!

What an awesome day! pizza, crafts, face painting, manicures, musical chairs, presents, a clown, a princess and cupcakes!
Kimba the clown!

Princess Lyss!