Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Samantha started her first day of first grade today. She was so excited! Last night we made the twinks sleep downstairs on the couch so Sam could get some sleep but she was so excited she couldnt fall asleep. We started reading "Alice in Wonderland." I read her the first chapter and turned out the light at 8:15. I went downstairs and started doing things and I was thinking wow she went right to sleep. I didnt hear a peep from her...until 10:15 when she came out of her room and said "Mom I have tried everything I jsut cant get to sleep!" I told her to go back in and try again!. At 10:30 I snuck in her room to see and nope she was still awake. Poor girl! I went to bed (I couldnt sleep either last time I looked at the clock was 12:45!) Jons alarm went off at 6:15 and Sam yelled "is that for me?" Finally at 7:30 she got up. Pretty easy morning of getting ready. Jon came home to go to school with her. She is going to love this year!
our First grader!

Giving Mrs. McDonnell, her Kindergarten teacher, a big hug before heading into Mrs. Brandts 1st Grade class!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sand castles and flying

On Saturday we spent the day on the tide flats making the biggest sandcastle so far this year. Sarah and Emily were up for the weekend and help out too. We had a blast and my back even got a little sunburned!

their hands can touch!

hard at work!


our biggest sandcastle of the year!

Having a 6'8" Uncle sure makes for happy kids!

Our biggest sandcastle of the year!!

2 days later!

After the day on the tide flats we went and checked the crab pots (4 more I think) and then headed over to Lex and Leahs for a yummy party...crab salmon and bunch of tasty food! Good day!!

Sand fight

The girls love a great sandfight every once and awhile! This went on for about 30 minutes!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Last night we dropped the crab pots in the bay. The girls learned how to drive the boat too.

papa came out this afternoon and we pulled the pots in today and the first one had 6 keepers but the second one only had one because some one had pulled it up and taken them all out. We didnt even have little ones. I hate people who steal!
We left the pots out there and after dinner Jon, Papa and the girls went out and checked them...4 more. They forgot the bait so one had more bait in the other so when they pulled it back up to get some from the other pot they got one more and it had only been in for 5 minutes!

Bucket of crab!

The girls LOVE crab and crab "fishing" as Sam calls it!

The Lawrence Welk Show

My Grama Toot and Grampa Dave watched the Lawrence Welk show religiously. Today I after Clifford the Big Red Dog I didnt turn the tv off. There was some kids educational show for parents and caregivers then the Lawrence Welk show came on. Courtney was mesmorized. Samantha and Sydney liked it but wanted to go outside for a walk but we could get Courtney to leave. We even begged her with a walk to the C Shop ( snow cones) I think we found their new favorite show. My mom would have laughed but would have loved it!

Cj's Beach House

Yesterday was a busy day. Played on the tide flats in the morning, swam in the pool in the afternoon, had to go back to Everson for Sams soccer practice then headed back to Birch Bay to drop the crab pots in the bay. We finally ate dinner at one of the local restaurants CJ's Beach House at 8:45 Sometimes I just hate taking the kids out to eat...they either are really loud and dont sit down and/or just dont eat the food. Last night was perfect! The food even took a long time but the kids were great. They colored, talked in normal voices and ate pretty much all their food! Since the food took so long we got a free chocolate lave cake too!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

weekend getaway

Jon and I went to Vegas over the weekend. It was exactly what I needed right before school starts. We had a relaxing blast. We got in late Friday afternoon. we walked around got a late lunch early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We went to a movie (The Change-Up) and we gambled a bit. Saturday we spent the whole day laying by the pool. We stayed the Hilton which isnt the greatest but it was free since Jon still has points from all his travels from his last job. He is still a gold member so we got free breakfast buffet both days! And he got 50% off a nice lounger bed by the pool with an umbrella! It was perfect. I pretty much read a whole trashy novel and just laid there. I didnt have to worry about any kids misbehaving themselves in the pool. It was perfect! Saturday night we had tickets to 'Beatles Love' which is at the Mirage. We decided to go to "Japanais" there and it was probably the worst meal I have ever had. Way to expensive for the amount of food we got and the food wasnt even all that good. But the show was AWESOME! On Sunday we just wandered around some more. At the airport I saw Kevin Dillon, Johnny Drama from HBO's 'Entourage.' and Matt Dillons brother! I told him I like his show and was so appreciative! He said "Thanks, Thanks a lot. It really does mean a lot to me!" I was going to ask to get my picture with him but another girl came up and asked him for a picture. I didn't want to cause a scene for him.
The perfect spot!


brought the girls back cool princess cups...can you see I messed up? The purple Samantha cup is suppose to to say "Courtney" Courtney was a cool about it and she is using it since it's purple! If anybody out there who is reading this and sees a cup like that with Courtney's name on it and I will pay you back!

made out of Jelly Belly's!

Alexa Kay watched the girls for us. She said Sam was great but the twins werent very good at listening! I talked to Courtney after Alexa left and said to her "I'm sad that you didn't listen to Alexa, you promised me you would." She looked at me and said "I am sorry Mommy, I broke that promise just a little bit."

I am all refreshed and ready to start the school year...getting up early and making lunches! The twinks are going to preschool 3 days a week (9-1) and they have to bring a lunch!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Diamond

I lost my diamond to my engagement ring today. I never in a million years thought I would react the way I did. I bawled like a baby. I feel so sad and awful. Jon sold his little sports car for it. It was the only "real" piece of jewelry I ever wanted. I told him to always buy the fake stuff for every thing but he went all out on my engagement/wedding ring. I loved it. I have spent the last hour on my knees looking for it. This year just cant get any worse...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Jon took Sam and Syd up the courts to play tennis...Courtney and I showed up after awhile.

This was Sydney and Courtneys first time on a tennis court (with a racket and tennis balls)
Courtney told me to take her picture!
nice form!
then Sydney wanted her picture taken!
silly girls!

Jon took the twinks back to the condo while Sam and I stayed behind and rallied. She is pretty good!


Spent the afternoon with Jeff, Josh and Kate (poor Rita had to work) Jeff took the girls on their first waverunner ride! The twinks wanted to go fast but Kate and Sam wanted to go slowly...good times!

Courtney deep in thought

3rd Cousins--- Sam and Kate
Sydney smiles!
posing for the camera
riding with Jeff!
waiting for her turn to go faster!
That's Sam and Kate way out there...Josh is wanting them to come back and is yelling for them!
too fun!

Courtney was a little timid at first

but the twinks loved it!

a relaxing mornig

I usually lay in bed until I hear one of the kids wake up. Today I did something a little different and got up way before the kids. I really should do that more often. I sat outside with my coffee and the laptop. I read "the paper" really just a bunch of news the Washington Post, The New York Times, Fox News, Huffington Post. Plus checked facebook and twitter! I really should have gotten up when Jon did and went for a walk around the beach by myself. Maybe I will do that tomorrow! A great way to start the day!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


This morning we headed out to Birch Bay for the week. Kids have swim lessons and the Blairs (Kate to be the one Sam is excited about) are at their family cabin for the week too. Well as we were packing up I had the truck have in and half out of the garage. I thought the girls were ready so I turns the car on with the CO2 pump into the garage. Sam and Syd were goofing around a little to long and inhaled the fumes more then I would have liked. The we spent the next hour in the car. The girls were acting tired by I didn't think anything of it. They weren't complaining or anything. The minute we got to the condo Sam ran in and then ran out and said she just threw up twice on the living room floor. Thankfully all they ate was a banana between the 3 of them. I took her to the toilet where she threw up more then Syd comes out of her room and she is threw up in the hallway and the bedroom. Then they both tell me they feel much better but that they are hungry! They are acting normal and no fever but what a strange thing to happen to them at the same time. I think it was the fumes and car sickness but I am making them take it easy today anyways. Maybe this evening we will go see Kate!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Berry Picking!

We went berrry picking with Kelly and Brooks today.
3 1/2 lbs of raspberries

5 lbs of blueberries


me and my girls!

the blueberries were huge. I froze 2 cookie trays full!
and some of the raspberry ended up in a cake