Sunday, February 26, 2012

Field trip to Dancing for Joy

I have been taking most of my pictures with my iPhone lately and I just realized I had these on my camera and the Field trip was Feb 8! They all had so much fun! Courtney was happy because this is the room where she has her "we sing we dance" class!

Friday, February 24, 2012


This morning Sam missed the bus for the first time. She knew the trouble she was going to get into if she did but today she decided at 8:05 to change. (the bus comes around 8:10) She was telling me none of her pants fit right. Ususally at 8:05 she is getting her jacket and backpack on and standing by the window waiting for the bus to drive by. The bus drives down the street and turns around then comes back. Once she sees the bus she goes out the door. Perfect timing. It was just one of those panicky mornings and I kept telling her the bus is going to come. Hurry up! At 8:14 the bus drove by slowed down and then drove away. We missed seeing go by. She knew she was in trouble. I dont think it will ever happen again though. She lost all of her smiley faces on the "Howe Helper door," all electronic privileges and no TV until next Friday. It's going to be a long week! She was invited to go to her best friends after school and then to the movie night at the school with her family. The way she was yelling at me after I reminded her what was taken away was completely unacceptable so I told her she had to stop talking and go to her room or she was losing that too. I didnt want to make her lose tonight because it wouldnt have been fair to Breanna so she gets to go. I ended up driving her to school and then the twinks to preschool. They were 15 minutes late.

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

February 19, 2011! My niece Alexa Kay got married!! She married the most amazing, caring, fun and handsome man Bernt Bjarane Johnson. The wedding was amazing and was all done by friends and family...every little detail was perfect!
Alexa and Grandma kay's stained glass window
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson right before they said I do (well they technically said I will)
the most beautiful little flower girls ever!!
Max and JackMax "take a picture of us. It will be the only time you see us both all fancied up (something like that)
Me "no you'll be dressed up at your wedding"
Max "No, I'll be in a sleeveless flannel in my semi truck!"

Max and the ladies!

time to sparkle!!
My girls w cousin Trinity

our table!

cool ballons..they had flashing lights inside. The girls loved them!! They were full of helium so most of them were on the ceiling but when one floated downs they all went for it!
Tried to get a shot with me and the Ems like we always do when we see each other...Jack and Sam wanted in on the action!

then Eric, Sarah and Courtney jumped in too!
And they lived happily ever after....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Alexa and Bernt rehearsal

all the pretty girls lined up!
the bride and her flower girls!
Max and Grandpa LLoyd
Max and Mother of the Bride
Bernt and his mom
waiting for Alexa!
My brother Lex and his baby girl!
Max and Nicole (will they be next??)
Papa and the twinks!
the super awesome cool amazing couple 24 hours later they were officially Mr. and Mrs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Samantha's 7th birthday!

Samantha is now 7! Woohoo! She had her birthday party at a place CreativiTea last Friday.( Her actual birthday) What a great time the girls all had! They each got to pick out a little animal to paint plus they got hot chocolate and an ice cream sundae! It was so funny becasue for about 10 minutes when they first started painting they were all concentrating so much that it was dead silent! 9 girls being quiet is amazing!
Happy birthday to Wendy too! 

After the party was over we headed over to Super Buffet for Sam's birthday dinner with Papa and Nancy! Super YUMMY!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chalkboard paint

I saw how to make chalkboard paint on pinterest a few weeks ago and thought I would try it out. Since I used a light color it doesn't work that well but I think it will work for what I am using it for. When I erase you can still faintly see it even if I use soap and water. My purpose for now is a behavior chart with a few of the main rules. Each time they do something good they get a shape of their choice drawn under their name but if they do something bad they get it taken away. I am thinking that if they get to 25 they get a trip to the dollar tree or something like that.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yesterday there wasn't a cloud In the sky and it was in the 50's... So unusual for February in WA. We took the girls and Lucky for a walk around Larrabee. Perfect day!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nooksack Valley Cheer

This past week Sam had three practices with the Nooksack Valley Cheer squad and then a big performance at half time at the varsity basketball game. She sure loves to cheer. NVHS will more then likely be the school she goes to. They played Bellingham which was where she did cheer camp last fall. What a great fundraiser for the cheer team!

Can you spot Jon and Max?