Saturday, April 28, 2012


I started weeding 10 days ago. My goal was to have it all done by this weekend but it rained so much this past week I didnt get out. I spent a good 2 1/2 hours on my hands and knees this afternoon...then my dad and Jon decided they could do it better!

They got most of it but I still have to get the edges...silly boys with their big toys!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today was the big day the twinks got all signed up for kindergarten for the upcoming school year! I had a lot of paperwork to fill out and the girls had fun "tests" to do. Like naming shapes, counting writing their name and some motor skills stuff. They are very thorough! So excited for them!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Uncle Lex

On Saturday my brother Lex came out and watched the twinks while I went a wedding shower and Jon and Sam went to soccer. The girls said it was the funniest day ever! He let them play in the pit... Not the cleanest mud puddle but they loved it!


Tuesday mornings have turned into Jammie Tuesday. The twinks dont like to get up or get dressed so we snuggle in my bed for a few hours!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tulip town

All my life I never made to Skagit valley for there tulip festival. I have seen many pictures and always wanted to go but just never took the time to do it. Finally Sunday after church we headed down to see all the pretty flowers and lots of kites flying. The kids were bummed we didnt buy any so I might just go to he store and surprise them with some after school. It truly is beautiful!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We didnt get home from California until 2:30 in the morning so easter was very low key. The girls were bummed that they didnt get new Easter dresses or that Easter bunny didnt come this year but we made a trip to Fred Meyer for a few things and let them each pick out something. We also did a little egg dying and and Papa and Jon hid them for a egg hunt. We did talk about the true meaning of Easter too...He has Risen indeed!

Courtney really wanted to make papa's egg!

Hunting for eggs

a day with the Hodge's

Friday we headed over to our old stomping grounds  in Castro Valley to spend the Day with Julie, Taylor and Dominic. LaRon popped his head in every once and awhile so it was great to see the whole family. I love the relationship that Taylor and Samantha have. they saw eachother and hugged like crazy! I so wished we still lived near them!
We walked around Lake Chabot
friends for life!
and went to the Ice Creamery for a late lunch!
We ended the day with a visit with Julie's mom who just loves the girls...she got them each a golden egg full of chocoalte and some coloring craft!

the drive north

Papa drove us home in the big rv. We made a couple stops on the way first in Santa Barbabra to see Emilie Wood and the in Alamo to see some peeps up there!Emilie's school is located on that point! There is a building at the tip that is an aquarium that Boo works at...she is a marine biologist major (at least for now) Rough place to go to school!
the kids played in the ocean and got nice and wet and sandy before lunch! I could have spent the whole day just sitting on the beach in the sun with the nice ocean breeze! I love and miss California!

cartwheels on the sand!
Lunch on the beach!

another Christmas card shot?
fun family photo
ahh Boo and my girls!

they all loved boo's bike!!

Love that girl!
Hot tub time at the Smiths!
We stayed at the Pates and Thursday night Sarah made a great dinner and invited the Smiths over too. It's so nice to be there. They are family! Friday night we had a weenie roast while the kids hot tubbed in the Pate's hot tub.  Jon and my dad golfed with Dave on Thursday. Friday we spent the day with our good friends the Hodge' post!

a parade and fireworks

On the last day we made time to watch the parade and stayed late to watch the fireworks show. We did see part of the Fantasmic show which was incredible but we were standing kinda far back so we made our way over to main street to get a good spot for the fireworks show! It was all just so amazing! We love Disneyland!!