Wednesday, November 25, 2009

plane ride

We flew to WA yesterday and had the most pleasant ride EVER. The kids enertained themselves. No poop blowouts. Nothing major. Sydney did ask when we were waiting to leave if we were already in WA...we hadnt even taken off yet. I thought it was going to be a long trip if she was already asking that but she didnt ask again! Jon and I even played two games of cribbage. It was delightful!

On another note I completely forgot Samantha and my passport. I was so concerned about remembering the twins birth certificates that I forgot to grab our passports. (For some reason I thought Jon was going to get them because we keep all our passports in his treasure box...but he had gone to Canada a couple weeks ago and never put it back so he had no intention of getting it. Totally my bad!) Kims man Mike saved the day by going to the house and overnighting them to us! We are about to head to Whistler, BC Cananda~ to celebrate my parents 50 years of matrimony!

shopping w Sam

The other day Samantha, Alyssa and I went shopping. We were looking for tights for Sam. We went to tj maxx and I found cute little outfits for the twins so I told Sam she could pick an outfit out. She found 3 and wanted to try them on. She was having such a hard time deciding and begging for all three. I told her only one. She did the inny meanny minie moe and still couldnt decide. She got Alyssas opinion and she picked out 2 out of the 3. She finally picked one so I started towrds the check out and she was crying crying because she wanted the other one too. Thankfully Alyssa was there I left to went to pay while Alyssa calmed her down. I kept thinking to myself...damn I have 3 girls this shopping is going to suck!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Samantha's drawings get better and each day. She loves to color and spends at least an hour and sometimes two coloring. Here's a picture of Namy and Papa w Sydney, Sam, Court and Lyss.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Go Coyotes

Tonight Jon and I took Jessica and Samantha to the Coyotes game. The girls seemed to like it (only if iwas because of the pizza and ice cream!) It was a great game. Samantha was a little bummed she didnt get on the jumbo tron this time...her fame went to her head from the last time! It was 70's night so all the music was from then (and a few people even dressed up) so we did a lot of dancing!

Coyotes vs Flyers

they won so tomorrow we can take are ticket stub to Oggi's for pizza sticks!

Jess and Sam

Some bonding w Daddy

the big chulupa in the sky dropped down free chulupa's coupons!

the Coyotes Win!

She thought these guys (KISS) were funny in their makeup and boots! Rock On!!

"sleep out"

This past week the girls have talking about having a sleep out in the loft. They got all snuggled up and watched an Ariel movie. They wouldnt settle down so around 10 Jon moved them into Sams room to see if a darker room could settle them down. After a bunch of up and downs Courtney was the first one to go back to her bedroom. About 15 minutes later Sydney got moved to her room and they all fell fast asleep. Here I envisioned this to be a Friday night ritual but it just cant start yet. When they are around eachother they just want to play play play

Sydney is so happy!

2 out of 3 snuggled up!

Before the twins were sent to their rooms

craft time

sam really has been into making paper bag puppets lately. She is getting really good at cutting it all out and making awesome faces. Last week she got the babysitters into it too. Sydney loves to color w the markers but if I leave her alone with them she ends up coloring herself!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

play date

This morning I hosted a playdate here. I am so hit and miss w this play group so I thought "hey the cleaning ladies came yesterday so why not have some kids come over and help make it looked lived in again." It was a small group Julie and her son Nathan along w Amy and 2 of her girls Jaden and Lila. We played the whole time upstairs in the loft and the kids rooms. Everyone seemed to have a blast. I even refreshed the batteries to my camera but completely forgot to take pictures! Ugh! next time!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

trike a thon

Today was Sams school annual trike a thon. It's a pretty silly fundraiser for the school. The preschoolers get to ride a trike about 40 feet. It's way more work to set the whole thing up then the actual event. Sams class was lucky and got to go to up and back the course. It's pretty funny to watch. It's amazing that there are 4 yr olds who havent ridden a trike. I hade to push one girl up and back because she didnt know how to pedal. A couple of the elementary classses came and cheered them on. They had fun but it only lasted at most 15 minutes!


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