Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick trip to San Diego - SeaWorld!

This week my Cousin Lori and her daughter Trinity came down for a visit before their vacation at the fancy smancy hotel w the hubs/dad. On Weds we headed over to San Diego for some beach/SeaWorld time. We never made it to the beach since we got a late start but the kids played in the pool at the hotel before we headed to the gaslamp district for some dinner. I put my suit on but Lori didnt and Trinity jumped in the pool after she took off her floaty so Lori jumped in fully clothed because she thought I wasnt fast enough! (sorry the pictures are small I didnt realize it until after I uploaded them all but you can click on them to see them bigger if you'd like)

Walking in the gaslamp district after a yummy dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory!


of course Sydney was afraid of the otter and wouldnt get her picture taken!

The girls absolutley loved the "Shark encounter"

We had to go through it 4 times!

Beautiful day!

I LOVE this picture!

Looking at fish!

Trying to stand on one foot like the flamingos!


they all got to touch a sting ray

and Trinity fell asleep

the girls all picked out a magic dolphin wand (it's really a pen) and a necklace and bracelet. Sam picked out a shark necklace too. She got an extra present because she was really good at the hotel the night before whereas Sydney and Courtney were poopheads! It was a fun trip...SeaWorld is a little too expensive ($222 for me and the girls and that was with a coupon!)so I dont see us ever going back there again unless we did one of those 5 day SoCal passes but SHAMU was so cool!!

Videos from SeaWorld SD

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vegas Girls weekend

Friday night I headed up to Vegas to meet up w Michelle and a few of her girls friends for a wild and crazy weekend. Jon was awesome w the girls...took them to McD's for dinner Friday night and I got a text from him saying he was there w all the divorced dads. Saturday morning he made a butterfly craft w them. Sma said she wanted to make butterflies with the big paper so he came up with this great design!
Then they went and flew a kite at the park. He called me from Basha's. He was sitting in one of their comfy chairs watching the news while the kids were in the "cub house" playing. He bought frozen pizzafor dinner, let them watch a movie and gave them baths. When I got home around 11 am on Sunday morning he was feeding them a big breakfast of hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and toast...and the house wasnt a huge disaster zone either! I think I should go on more of these "girls" weekends...I even came home a took and hour and half nap!!

this is the dance floor at Tao on the other side of midnight!

Hadnt been up this late in I dont know how long (me, Michelle, Lisa) I think my head hit the pillow at 3:45! Didnt know I could still do that!

On Saturday we didnt leave our room until 2. Sleep and tv were great. We finally got up and went across the street for some lunch at Ra and some shopping for our kids!

Club XS
What an amazing beautiful dance club!

Saturday night! Stayed out until 3, played some slots and won $60! Brought money home from Vegas that rarely happens. What a fun time, looking forward til next year~~

Friday, April 23, 2010


Last night we had movie night. We picked a movie on Netflix on demand and snuggled up on the big couch. "Ant Bully" was the choice of the evening. Sam wasnt to thrilled about it but watched it anyways. When the movie was all over the house was pretty dark, it was 8:10 and Sydney was no where to be seen. We started yelling for her and all of a sudden she popped out behind the couch cushion. She looked like she had been asleep. Good thing she wasnt in a deep sleep and heard us calling for her because she was completely covered by the cushion and we would have never thought to look there!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Safety break

Funny we got to the gym pool at 2 minutes to 2... The kids jumped in and at 2 they kicked all the kids out for a 15 minute safety break!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fantastic Sam's

Haircuts today! Samantha finally let the lady cut the back of her hair!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sydney and Samantha spot mopped the floors this morning...give a kid a squirt bottle and a rag and they think its great fun! So I am off to buy more spray bottles (one for each of them) so they will do it more often!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I picked Sam up from school today and I asked what did you do today...her response
"We took a nap the whole time because Mrs. Biel couldnt think of anything to do! (pause) do you believe me?" then she said she saw a rainbow today at school it was big and beautiful then said "do you believe me?"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the garden

Yesterday we finally got around to getting the garden going...
we started with tomatos
Jon went and got some more bricks for the big garden (which you can sorta see behind the tree on the right.) We still need 2 more layers and we need to order the dirt hopefully we'll have it all done by next weekend so we can start planting. I know it's a little but hopefully we'll get something to grow. I took a class last fall on gardening in the desert and they told me that lettuce, peppers, onions, black eyed peas, jicama, eggplant, sweet potatoes and tomatoes are good hot summer veggies. We wont be planting all of them but the kids sure are excited!
We also started a little herb garden which will move out side once they sprout.

pictures and videos by Sam

Sam took my camera yesterday...

Sam figured out how to make videos w my camera...