Tuesday, January 31, 2012

speared hot dogs

last week a friend posted something like this on her Facebook page and I thought it looked like something the kids would like...so I bought some chicken apple sausages and Courtney helped me spear them with spaghetti! I should have cooked them a little longer, package said 9-11 minutes so I picked 10. 2 more minutes and it would have been perfect! Next time! I made a little honey mustard sauce for it and it was tasty, kids ate theirs plain though...

my dream

Last night I have to say I had one of the oddest dreams I have ever had in my life. It started out with my family sitting in a kitchen watching videos of Samantha when she was a baby and Katy Perry was in every one of them. Shewas singing and dancing and just being a goofball. Then the next scene Jon and I are at some sort of carnival where everybody was parachuting and just flying through the air. My old highschool boyfriend Jamie Titus was there and he was a doctor trying to tell everybody how unsafe this whole thing was. Jon and I were waiting for Micheal Ian Black to come pick us up to take us to see Bon Jovi at the arena in Vancouver. The kids were being babysat by Katy Perry and Rob Lowe.  Michael finally got us and we were coming over the bridge and we could hear Bon Jovi playing "Runaway."  It was by far one of the oddest dreams I have had in a long time. I did have some doozies when I was pregnant but this one seemed so real until I woke up...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

5th tooth GONE

Vancouver Aquarium

This post cost me $55 didnt realize that roaming internationally wasnt included in my plan...That's what I get from blogging from Canada!!!
Spent the afternoon at the aquarium today. Only one melt down (Courtney) so it was a successful trip!
the 4D movie...Planet Earth-Pole to Pole
Always trying to get a shot of the 3!

Everyone loves to get their face painted!

They got to paint a jelly fish craft with sparklingly glue...took a while to dry!
The dolphins were very cool. A couple of kids took stuffed animal dolphins next to the window and the real dolphins would follow it. Very cool!
I just love the kids amazement of the sea world.
the Beluga Whales were awesome too!
Sam and her dad looking at the dolphins!

they were laughing at me because when I backed up I fell a bit...

Friday, January 27, 2012


Conversation home from school today

Courtney: "I wonder why my tongue is slimy. Here feel it."

Sydney: touches the top of her tongue

Courtney: "no the bottom if it"

Sydney: touches the bottom and says "it's wet!"

Courtney: " I think it feels slimy!"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A beautiful day

He morning started pretty slow. We were suppose to go to MOPs I was a little concerned that Courtney was catching a bad cold because yesterday it was so runny so we slept in. At noon I hadn't wiped her nose once so we decided to run a few errands. The dollar store, haggen (having a great sale so I stocked up on cans of beans and tomatoes for fifity cents a piece) and I had to take my moms ring I. Hat I wear on my right hand because one of the prongs felt sharp. Good thing I did because it was 6 to 8 that are broken! Then we headed down to Boulevard Park for a walk with Lucky. It was such a gorgeous day. I do miss AZ a lot especially his time of year but today the sky was mostly clear, sun was shining and 48*! Makes living here a little more bearable!
Sometimes they can be the best of friends!!
searching for seashells!
Courtney was happy with the first few she found...

Pacific Science Center

The other day the Pacific Science Center school tour came to Everson Elementary. It was all about engineering. They had an assembly and there was hands on things to do set up in the library. They also had a 45 minute hands on lesson in the classroom where the parents could come. Sam really wanted me to go so Jon came and watched the twinks. They were given duplo blocks that had a bunch of different pieces and they had a few tasks to do like lift a block and move the block from the ground to the chair. The last thing they were to do was make something up. Sam worked with Kendall and this is what they came up with...an all in one machine! It can lift, push and dig up!

Monday, January 23, 2012


All the girls ad school today! Yay! I went to Starbucks for breakfast after I dropped the twinks off. I got a sausage egg muffin and it came out cold so I asked them to heat it up a little more. They felt so bad they made me a new (I had taken a bite) and a free drink of my choice next time I come back! What great customer service Starbucks has! I also ran into a Facebook friend Jeff Maudsly who I went to high school with. It's always nice to run into people you have little conversations with throughout the year. I wrote out this weeks meal plan and shopping list. I then shopped. I went to the Franz outlet for most of my bread, then to Trader Joe's for most of the shopping. I like shopping there because they have great products and I dont have to be so diligent on label reading. Then I finished it all up at Haggen. I still had an hour to kill so I went and visited Jon at the office... Nice morning!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

3rd snow day = tea party

My princesses love to tea party!

Pretty girls

I have no idea what God was thinking giving me all girly girls... But they do like their hair I did this morning!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Jon came home early yesterday to play in the snow. He was planning on it but I had called to see if he could help me with the damn dog that Sydney let out the front door for no reason! We were sitting watching tv and Sydney gets up and opens the front door and let her out. She was in just a pair a panties so I have no idea why she would open the door. That dog just doesnt come when called! Her favorite thing is to go to the neighbors front yard and bark crazily! And now that she found the chickens at the corner house on the busy road she goes there too! I spent a good 45 minutes trying to coax her home. She finally realized I had milkbone dog biscuits and came a running to me. The good thing was Jon came home a little earlier and we had a fun afternoon sledding and then I said let's get the quad out! Good times!!

More snow fun!

First of probably many days off from school...SNOW DAYS!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A big snow day...Kids had a blast!
Sydney worked on this for a while..the bottom of the snowman which I didnt get a pic of because the dog got out and I spent way to much time gettting her back home. I thought I would just take a pic today but it snowed so much that the body and head fell off the body!
Lucky loved eating the snow!
she was a little concerned about this could fluffy stuff!
Simply beautiful!
catching snowflakes!
and it snowed like this for a few hours! I think we probably got 12 inches

Monday, January 16, 2012

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

The girls and I made cookies this afternoon. After they were done Sydney had one and said "This cookie would be so much better with a glass a milk!"

Damn Lucky!

The dog got out twice today and she is not very good at all coming back! The first time Jon was home so he was helping and she finally ran into the back yard after about 30 minutes. Then this afternoon she got out again...Sydney left the gate open in the backyard. She ran to the house upfront by the busy Everson-Goshen road. Those neighbors have chickens and one of the chickens was out and Lucky got her in a blackberry bush. She kept going around in circles and would run away from me. I spent a good 45 minutes trying to get her. She finally decided she would just go on after the chicken and got stuck. So I was right there. Mad as hell too! I can't wait until I can get her to come when called! I wish training happened over night!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


the other night we watch the documentary fatsickandnearlydead it's not something that we are going to get into but it did make us get the juicer out...It does make the best apple juice! I can see doing it as a meal replacement every once and awhile but not as a way of life!

A little get a way

Yesterday I went to with a bunch of gals wine tasting. My only expericence wine tasting has been in Napa/Sonoma so it was kind funny going from winery to winery in a strip mall! Good wine but since I dont drink red it was kinda linited! We were all together to celebrate Sarah's recent wedding (a bachelorette party after the fact!) We stayed a nice hotel in Kirkeland, the heathman, and had a nice dinner at trellis right there iin the hotel. we then headed over to an Irish pub for some live music and cocktails! I stayed up til 2 and I seriously cant remember the last time I stayed up that late! Such a fabulous time!!
Ann and Sarah

the gals from Bellingham (there were 4 more that joined us later)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dance class(es)

On january 4 I signed the girls up for a pre-ballet/jazz class at dancing for joy well I thought I signed them up for the class...the lady told me the first one was free so the next week I went while the girls were in school to pay for it and lo and behold there was only one spot left. They told me I was suppose to tell them after class that day if they were going to come back the next week! They filled the spots up, now what am I suppose to do!? The girls were all excited about this and there is no room!! I look at the schedule and there was a ballet/jazz class at 4 pm but it's for 7-12 year olds. The lady said that Sam could join that one since she will be 7 next month.I was a little leery about doing that since she hasnt really done ballet except for couple months at the YMCA when she 3 or 4 but the lady said all the girls were pretty much beginners and she would fit right in. There is aso sing and dance class for 4-6 at he same time! Perfect! So I tell the girls and Sydney freaks out crying and saying no she won't take that class. I find it all so very odd since that's all she does is sing and dance at home and her teacher at school says she sings all the time during free time. I would have thought Courtney would be the one saying no to it! Since there is one spot left in the original class they took I put Syd in it even though it's at 5pm. So now I have to sit at he dance studio for 2 hours while all 3 kids take 3 different classes! Dancing for joy!
Sydney took pictures while she was waiting for her class...Here's Sam in her Ballet class.
and here's Courtney she is the one in light pink with her leg straight up n the air!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Another class at cedarwoods.

Last night was another dog training class. We spent a 1/2 walking out classmates to figure out how to do it with the dogs. It was pretty funny. I was partners w a guy who has a 3 month old collie. Once we got it all figured out we brought the Dogs in. Lucky went first and boy she was freaked out. She is really skittish around men do the instructor was trying to help me and she would get all shakey and scared. It is so sad. Some guy must have done a real number on her. The instructors daughter helped me a bit but I have a feeling we probably will be taking the class over again. I worked with her a couple times today and she and I just can't figure it out. Of course I will keep practicing and you never know she might surprise me and pass the class! She sure is a great dog.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last Thursday night I started an eight week basic obedience training course with Lucky at Cedarwoods. I was a little leery at first because it uses a training collar and is not treat based. I took a treat based course with Barley when he was a puppy but I really didnt think Lucky would be that into it. She is not at all interested in food like Barley was. At first I thought we were going to have to get one of those collars with the spikes in it and I wasn't so sure about that but it turns out it's just a chain that "chokes" if she does something wrong. I have been practicing with her morning and night for 2-5 minutes like the instructor said to with a walk (sporadically) during the day. The first couple times she seemed to get what was going on but all weekend she didnt care if she was "choked" or not. She was jumping up on me during the training session too. The instructor (Ron) said we could call anytime and ask for advice. So I called yesterday and told him what was going on and he said why dont you come on out tomorrow. Since Jon didnt get to go with me on Thursday night, he stayed home with the girls, he met us out there to see what we were doing wrong and to get some help. And guess what...Lucky is a suck up! She did everything she was suppose to do. No jumping, turning when she was suppose to and heeling for part of the walk and while I was standing there talking to him. Isn't that always the case?! We have 7 more weeks and they guarantee she'll be able to heel on lead, do a figure 8 plus one minute sit and a 3 minute lie down in just 8 weeks or we can take the class over again for free! For being in the pound for 2 months of her 8 month life she is a little skittish and loves to bark too. I just want her to be able to come when called. She has gotten out of the yard a couple of times and she runs like a gazelle, she is fast and can jump so high! Her favorite thing is to run over to the renters place and bark at their door and they sure dont like that. She also loves to go outside and just bark, thankfully she doesnt like to bark in the house!! It's like having another baby in the house...

Monday, January 9, 2012


 Last week Courtney finally said she wanted to get her haircut. I didnt want to force them to but it's a challenge every morning to get them to brush their hair! Sydney wasn't on board with the idea but a few days after I made the appointment w Anna she said she wanted to get hers cut but not as short! Samantha came home from school and said she just loved Sydneys and wants her hair like hers...so Saturday afternoon she has an appointment!
 Before shots~