Wednesday, June 29, 2011

C shop

After dinner tonight the twinks and I went for a walk down to the c shop. They wanted snow cones. Sam wanted to go swimming instead of a tasty treat.
*update Sam and Jon played tennis!


The girls love to make believe they are mermaids. Sydney just told Courtney "I am a real mermaid because I believe it here (she points to her heart) in my heart!" then she tells me " I am just pretending to be a real mermaid mom!"

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

top tooth

Sam has been working on her tooth for the last couple days and tonight it finally fell out...looks like the tooth fairy will be sneaking into our house tonight!

Monday, June 27, 2011


We have way to many toys. I go through them a few times a year and weed out the ones that they don't play with anymore but it's still too much. Since we are out at Birch Bay this week we only brought out a few. A box of duplo blocks, stuffed animals, a few dress up dresses and coloring. There are a bunch of sand toys and trucks outside and the kids have not been bored with the few toys they have. Right now they are outside with tonka trucks playing "farmers market." the best thing about it is the clean up! It is so quick and they dont complain because there isnt that much to clean up. At home they take out every toy and whine when it's time to clean up because they have taken so much out! That doesnt mean I am going to go home and get rid of there toys though, I am tempted but I know I won't. I just need to be on them so they clean while playing and not play with so much at once...easier said then done!

Progressive Horse Camp

Samantha is going to horse camp this week. 10-3 everyday with a horse show on Friday afternoon. She is going with her cousins Wyatt and Dawson. We came a little early to pick her up so I could get a couple pictures. She saw me and said I was early I still need to groom my horse! She loves it! Ican't wait to actually see her on a horse!!

He is telling her how to brush a certain way.
Dig her pink cowboy boots she picked out!

cleaning the shoes!

Swim lessons

Amber Iverson is a friend of the family. She is a swim coach, lifeguard and instructor. She is giving the twinks private lessons at the pool here at the condo. Today was the first day and Courtney was not to thrilled about it but by the end she was doing great. They arent the best swimmers but very comfortable in the water which is the first step. It helped that we had a pool in AZ. I am so glad we have access to this pool. They keep it warm too like 85*!


Always a majestic sight!


The C shop is a must stop when you go to Birch bay. Sunday was their 40 anniversary and every hour they had a special where they rolled back the prices to 1971. We were there for the .20 cent cotton candy! We wanted to make it back at 4 for the .15 cent snow cones but we were swimming at the pool!

finally asleep!

Friends and Sunsets

We are spending the week out at Birch Bay. Sam has horse camp (with Wyatt and Dawson) in Blaine and the twinks are taking swim lessons at the pool here at the condo from a friend of the family, Amber Iverson.
Saturday night my friend Chris Reynolds and her man james came up for the night. We had a yummy dinner made by Jon. Ribs and corn on the cob! For dessert we headed down to the beach for s'more's and the sunset!

Friday, June 24, 2011

downtown dinner

Sometimes we just have to go out for pizza and we have heard that La fiamma is the best in town...and it sure was!!
our usual- sausage, mushroom and red onion

an artsy shot of the girls

The we went to Mallards for ice cream...Jon and I ate too much pizza so we didn't get any but the kids sure loved their's!

Kids bowl free

I signed the kids up at and also got the family pass so the adults can bowl for only $25 all summer long, just have to rent shoes but it's a great afternoon for only $11!

They were playing 80's music so Sam was dancing...

Samantha was beating me the whole time but on my last frame I came up from being behind to tie her!
The twinks kept running back to "play" video games between turns...I didnt give them any money but they thought it was fun anyways!

garden update

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boulevard Park

Jon and Uncle Lex took the girls to Diego's for Taco Tuesday. I met up with them after my Mother's Day massage. After dinner we headed to Boulevard Park.
I really need to remember to put barrettes or hair ponies in my pocket...the twinks hair is almost long enough to tuck behind their ears but now they look like cousin IT!

Unlce Lex and the twinks and some random girl made a funny face!

Samantha loves to climb even in her fancy Easter shoes!

Birch Bay fun

I love hanging out at Birch bay...
the days are spent on the beach
Courtney loves throwing the sand in the air (need to pack ponies for the twinks hair)
making bubbles

or playing with the air rockets...

first Beach fire of 2011


Skipping rocks!

Dawson, Wyatt, Samantha and me

One handsome man

roasting marshmallows!

Father's Day 2011

We headed out to Birch Bay for Father's Day. The weather wasn't all that great but we made the most of it.
We spent about 15 minutes on the beach before we (meaning me and Jon) got cold...
The girls love playing in the sand!

We headed over to the pool...Jon and the girls swam for a long time while I watched. I like sitting in the warmy room watching them. If I get in the girls just hang on me the whole time and whine and cry on how it's their turn to be with me. I know that one day they will grow up and not want to do that and I might miss the fact but to me now it's just plain annoying...

daddy and his girls!


We BBq'd up some hot dogs for dinner then we had a rousing game of soccer.

Sleepover at the Hughes

After the zoo we headed of to Bothell for a sleepover with Trinity!of course the first thing the four year olds did was change into princess dresses!

Spy kids 2 was the movie...

and then Jeff read them a princess story! Took them all about 1 1/2 hours to finally all fall asleep. Syd was the last one 11:30! They were up at 7:15 ugh! (Sam slept until 9:00)

a quick stop at the Marysville Costco for lunch and a few things....

then the twinks fell asleep since they got up so dang early!!