Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's so cool having such a cool bike/quad trail in our yard!

quad fun w Max


Finally took the training wheels off!
these videos were taken right after I took the training wheels off. They just got ond road like they have been doing it for awhile. It took them a few tries to get going by themselves but they spent most of the afternoon riding on our super long driveway. Courtney loves to go fast and kept having Jon time her! Courtney the daredevil!

whatcom falls park

One of my favorite parks growing up was Whatcom Falls Park. I spent a lot of time there in high school. There is a little swimming hole that has a pretty big cliff you jump off of. As a 16 year old it looks like a fun thing to do but as a 43 yr old I think I was a crazy kid! I just love the fact the Spring is finally here and we can do a little more exploring. I have to say even though it's a little to cold for me the Pacific Northwest sure is beautiful...

St Paddy's Day

We headed over to Sarah, Wyatt and Dawson's for an evening of fun. We brought all the makings for homemade pizza's! Then we played a couple of games "Apples to Apples" and "Pegs and Jokers" It was a very fun evening!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

So awesome

This month Sams school is having a "reading road trip" for every minute read they get to go a mile. She has been pretty food about it. She usually just reads to me but every once and awhile she'll read to her sisters. It's cute and so awesome!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last week a few of the Nooksack high school kids went to Sam's school to tell them about their musical they were doing. She came home and said she wanted to go. Her best friends big sister was in it too! She kept talking about so I got a babysitter (Jon was golfing)!for Sunday afternoon for the twins. To tell you the truth I was expecting much. It's a small high school out in the county. I was completely blown away. The talent these kids was outstanding. The sets were very professional and the costumes were amazing. The makeup the lighting... Everything was top notch! We went to the Sunday matinée. It started at 2 and we left at 4:45. It was the last show so the director thanked everyone and talks about every senior. One of the seniors at the end asked his girlfriend to go the prom with him which Sam thought was pretty cool. For being so long it sure didn't seem like it at all. What a wonderful performance! I am going to go to more of their shows!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yesterday we got home from preschool and I pulled into the garage. We had a little more stuff then usual because Sydney is top banana this week so she for to bring a special snack (chocolate chip cookies) and a 3 things to share plus a book. I got out and grabbed as much as I could and told Sydney to get the rest. I got into the house and I read her doing her whiny cry. So I go back downstairs to the garage and she is cries " I only have two hands and this is to much stuff. I am not an octopus!" I totally started laughing which made her laugh and stop the nonsense crying. Everything got into the house!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Singing at church

the twinks sang at church yesterday with a few of their classmates...always entertaing!


Last week the sun was shining...still a little cold here but the girls wanted to go for a little bike ride. We didnt make it far! They wanted to climb a hill on the side of the road instead!

puzzle time!

I bought a 100 piece puzzle at the dollar tree last week. I was totally impressed with the twinks they pretty much did it all on their own. Jon and I kinda coached a bit but not much. I think I will go get some more!

painting afternoon

It was a rainy afternoon last week sometime what's new in the pacific northwest) and the twinks wanted to paint the bird house's they got from the Smiths for Christmas and Sam needed to paint her shelf for her lego's. So they got themselves already and headed to the garage and good way for them to kill an hour or so!

Sam needs one more coat of paint and it'll be ready to go up and the bird houses will go outside soon...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Sad day

Jon and I made the decision to give Lucky back to the shelter. She has gotten out about 10 times due to human error... i.e. we left the gate or door open to the front. When she gets out she runs and chases the neighbors cat and the other.neighbors chicken all while she is barking. They finally had enough of it this weekend. The neighbor with the cat shot at it w a bb gun because he said it lunged at him. I didn't see it but she does bark like crazy which is annoying. When she gets out we are chasing after her and pretty much right. When she supposedly lunged at him I was hiding behind a tree so I didnt officially see but she is a 30 lb collie and if it did lunge he could have kick her not gotten a gun even if it was a bb gun. When he was shooting at her she was a good 30 ft from him and that part I did witness. I have taken her to obedience school and she does really well on a leash but the minute that leash is off she takes off and doesn't come when called. I was planning on taking her through another round of obedience training then start her off lead training course but the neighbors aren't giving me the chance anymore. They both have called animal control and now if they call again it could cost us a couple grand because she would be deemed vicious and we would have to get a kennel with a roof and every time we walked her she would have to have a muzzle on. So we have made the choice to give her back to the shelter. She is a great dog and will make a family very happy just as long as they don't have chickens or a cat!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

FIG family interactive gallery at the whatcom museum

I told the twinks that if they cleaned their room and the play room I'd take them to the children's museum. I was amazed at how well they cleaned up and how quickly! We spent a couple hours playing. I have to say the past few weeks they have been such great girls. Fun to be around and not to much whining. Makes this parenting thing so much better!