Sunday, January 31, 2010


I wasnt a very good blogger this week. Nothing major happened and I kept forgetting the camera when we did anything. Sam did start soccer this week w practice on Weds night and a game on Saturday morning. She is on a team where she was the biggest kid which really helped her confidence. She was right in the middle of it all and even scored a goal. She even had a couple breakaways and made it all the way down the field but missed the goal...I think we need to make a goal in our backyard because when we play she we tell her one whole side is the goal which is a lot bigger then the 3ft she is suppose to get the ball into!

Courtney is 99% potty trained and has to check out all the bathrooms everywhere we go...She loves the air dryers!

Jon and I went to a couple hockey games too. Both times they won! We are becoming quite the hockey fans (helps w a month long of cheap tickets to the we are just going to have to watch them big screen!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some days

Today is one of those days where I am so tired...I made two pots of coffee too! Jon had to go to SF today and will be back late tomorrow night. The Tahoe is in the shop getting the final touches of the 100K tune up so I had to get up really early (5:45)and take him to the airport so I could have a car while he is gone. I had to stop and get gas on the way back so i didnt crawl back into bed until 7:20 and Sam woke up at 7:45. I am letting the kids run wild and the house is turning into a tornado. I dont care. I am useless. On days like these I usually just on the computer and "surf the net" (I'm old school w terms like that) and I cant find anything worthwhile to read. I know if I took a shower and took the kids somewhere I probably would productive but like I said I am useless. It is a nice day so the kids are playing outside a bit too... with the rain we just had there were buckets of rain water and the twinks got into them (Sydney dumped one on top of Courtneys head which of course made her mad and cold) Sydney thought it was funny and dumped water on her head then they were both really cold so they took a bath! I dont know what the rest of the day has in store for us...they are getting on eachothers nerves so I am either going to put on a movie or take them for walk....
they dumped their toy bucket out and said it was a rollercoaster...

Monday, January 25, 2010


This afternoon we were heading to the bagel shop and I asked the twins what kind they wanted. Sydney said chocolate chip and Courtney said something that both Alyssa and I were having a hard time understanding. She said it about 5 times and we still couldnt figure it Sydney chimes in and says "Sprinkles she wants a sprinkle bagel!" She understood but for the life of me I had no idea that is what she was saying!

After school Sam said she wanted to go swing and jump off the swing. She said it was like "falling out of the sky"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

oops laundry

This it what it looks like when you dont do laundry for 2 weeks in our house! Took me around 24 hours to get it all folded and put away!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Go Coyotes!

Thursday night we got everybody tickets to the Coyotes game! (the Circle K deal was $10 worth of pepsi products and get 2 lower bowl tickets to a Coyotes game.) Jim and Jill Blair were suppose to go w us but they chickened out because of the storm that was blowing through the area (the worst storm in 20 years and there were a lot of road closures) Our family has become quite the Coyotes fans this season. The kids dont even mind when we watch the games on tv. The yell "go Coyotes!" The Coyotes played Nashville Predators and every time the Coyotes scored the girls got up and danced and clapped. The twins would even hug and kiss eachother. It was super cute! (my little canon broke so I couldnt get it on video) The Coyotes won 4-2 w Scotty Upshall doing a hat trick! (that means he scored 3 goals and everybody throws their hats on the rink) All in all it was a fun outing!
Jon found some kids jerseys online for really cheap so he got the girls all white jerseys...he also got red ones but they havent all arrived yet.

waiting for the game to start!

the zamboni was fun to watch...hopefully one day they can go for a ride on one!

gotta get the popcorn and nachos!

Courtney fell and got a bloody lip and needed Lyssa snugggles!

the Lagaurdia's got tickets that day. Sam spent most of the game saying "Can we go see Auntie Kim and Jessie"

silly Sam!

the attempt of a family photo...
In the last minutes of the game Courtney was dancing on her Dads lap and ended up onthe jumbo tron. Way cool!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taco Tuesday

Every Tuesday we eat tacos hence "Taco Tuesday!" We usually make the kids soft tacos (buritto style) but yesterday sam decided she wanted to make her own hard taco. She was very happy with her creation... I'd like to make Mondays "meatless" but Jon isnt liking the sound of that!


Even though Namy and Papa live 1593 miles away from us...the kids can see them whenever they want!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes, I did it!

I went to the Phoenix Children's Museum with just the girls...just the 4 of us. I have been nervous about taking them by myself anywhere because one always goes the opposite direction but now that the twins are 3 and listening a little more to me I thought I'd give it a try. They were great. We even had three bathroom breaks and no accidents for Courtney! Sydney got in a little trouble right at the end because she didnt want to cross the parking lot w us but other then that it was a perfect trip and now I wont be so scared to take them anywhere by myself!

W started in the craft?painting room. The girls love painting the castle. Last time we were here the color was a baby blue. Courtney ended up with a big glob in her hair so tonight she is getting her hair washed!

they love the craft tables. Today's craft was a snowman. Sydney jsut liked to cut the paper and glue though...

Samantha made a great snowman (we accidently left all their crafts on the drying rack which we realized after we got home!)

We spent a great deal of time up in the grocery store/restaurant area.

Sam loves making pizza (in real life too!)

and they always like to get their picture taken in front of the dragon when we leave

today they even gave him kisses!
All in all it was an awesome adventure...

Monday, January 18, 2010

San Francisco Days...San Francisco Nights~

Jon and I went to SF for the theweekend. It was his annual meeting and holiday party. Friday I rented a car while Jon worked and headed to the east bay for lunch with Sarah, Lisa, and Richard (Lisa's Dad.) We went to a new restaurant Maria Maria. I got my hair blonde again on Friday by the bestest hairdresser Michelle. Then I met up w Julie at Don Jose's in Castro Valley for a little appitizer. I had to get back to the City before 7 to return the car. We met up w Jon's coworkers at 54 mint for dinner. We ordered a bunch of apps so by the time it was time to order I wasnt all that hungry so I thought I'd jsut share Jon's. He got seafood linguine and it was fabulous! I was soo bummed I didnt order my own. Then all of a sudden the waiter shows up w another one and said they accidently made an extra and gave it to me! Oh was I so happy! On Saturday we walked around the City and thought we'd go see Avatar in Imax but it was completely sold out for the day. So we decided to jsut go back to our room and watch the Cardinals lose to New Orleans. After the game we headed over to Fisherman's wharf for our favorite meal. Shrimp sandwich, crab cocktail, clam chowder and a beer. We always go to the outside vendor at Fishermans grotto #9. When we lived there the kids and I would go get Jon from work and drive over there for lunch. I think it's one of the best deals in town. Yummo. Saturday night was his company party and we left early Sunday morning. It sure is nice to get away for a couple days.

Our room view! Downtown Hilton room 3651

at 54 mint! lot's of wine was a pouring!

Our favorite Fishermans wharf meal!

Cocktails at the Company party!

silly photo booth shots!

San Francisco Days...San Francisco Nights~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Courtney is pretty much their

In the potty training department. No "accidents" since Sunday. She has worn a pull up a couple times while I was working out at the gym and both times she went in it but I am not calling them accidents yet. It's very exciting! Today she came running up to me and said "mommy my butt and she turned her but to towards me. I said "what about your butt?" and she said "I think theirs pee in it" and ran to the potty and peed...

Einstein Bagels

The other day after Jon and I went for our first workout for the year we stopped by Einstein bagels afterwards for a Bagel and Schmear. We bacame fans of the Bagel Co. on facebook and we got a coupon for a free we printed out a few and had a "free" lunch! Sydney made her bagel into a shape of a heart...ahh so cute!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What do I want?

Everytime I ask "What do I want?" to the girls either individually or together...they all know I WANT A KISS...It's so cute, they pucker up and kiss me!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dress up dresses

This morning I wanted the girls to clean up the upstairs. Over the weekend they pretty much just played upstairs so toys were everywhere! Sams room was particularly messy. So I thought I'd make it easy and have them just do one thing at a time. The princess dresses were dumped out and in every room so I thought they'd start with that...pretty easy. Well Sydney put two in the box and then started playing with something else but Sam and Courtney didnt even try to pick one up so I warned them that if they didnt pick them up they would all be put up in the attic for the week. Still no movement so I packed them up and away they went, not to the attic but to my closet. They got pretty upset and before they all went to bed tonight they were pretty darn good about cleaning all their toys up!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Coyotes!

Jons new jersey he got from Namy & Papa for his birthday finally arrived...

Winter Soccer

Sam started Winter Soccer through the Y yesterday. She played last Spring through the Y and the games and practices were only about 5 minutes away and this season they are 30 minutes away. If I would have known that prior I probably would not have signed her up. It was a little chilly at 8:15 am!

They had a clinic to start the season off. Sam is wearing a red shirt with her hand on top of her head.

They did a lot of drills.

She sure loves playing soccer. She was so into too. When they did a little scrimmage game at the end she was totally trying to get the ball as opposed to last year when she always stayed away from the action! I think this is going to be a fun season even if we have to drive a lot!


We finally broke down and bought a Wii. It's a video game console that is good for the whole family. Their is one game called Wii Fit that even has you exercising. The machine has an attitude too. The girls arent quite big enough to do it on their own but they sure have fun. Sam even KO'd a dude in the boxing game!
Our Wii Family

Sam bowling

Daddy teaching Courtney how to golf

and teaching Sam too!

Job has been loving it the most and stayed up the first night playing tennins past midnight!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

all smiles!

new haircuts

Took the girls to Fantastic Sams today for haircuts. Their bangs were getting to long and could barley see. Courtney loves getting her haircut and was a trooper through the whole thing. The hairdresser was very patient with her too. She did a great job. Sydney started crying the minute she sat in the chair. I calmed her down and she did really good but the hairdresser was pretty quick. I wanted it shorter and it's shorter all right! Such a cutie!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 year check up....

this morning the girls went for their 3 year check up....they only had to get one shot and it wouldnt have been any but last year they didnt get one because of a shortage of it. Neither one of them cried at all!

Dr. Amjadi said they are doing exceptional...

The Stats:

38.75 inches tall
31.4 lbs

36.25 inches tall
27.2 lbs

I dont think we will be going to Disneyland for their 4th birthday like Samantha unless Courtney grows 6 inches in the next year...


For my birthday Jon bought me all the parts for my kitchenaide mixer to make sausages, the meat grinder and the stuffer. I have been wanting one for a long time. It was alot of fun and I think we will be making a lot of sausages from here on out. It's a little time comsuming but boy were they delish! Here is our first attempt at making some:

getting everything all set up. Jon found a website w Sausage recipes

We went for the Polish sausage...We were amazed at how little spices were needed for the amount of meat that was called for. But since it was our first attempt we didnt deviate from the recipe which was a good thing because they were time we'll take away a little of the salt though.

We didnt look at the directions at first and the meat wasnt coming out very good...we were getting really frustrated so we looked at the directions and lo and behold we forgot to put the blade in to cut the sausage up...doi!

The meat all ground up!

putting on the sausage casing. I went to Sprouts to see if they had any. I know they make them there so I figured they would. I was expecting them to give me the gelatin casing but nope they had a big bin of "intestines" and weighed out about a quater of a pound. It was kinda gross looking at it and putting it on the stuffer but it worked! It took awhile to get the stuffing down. it definetly is a two person job.

the final product!

sizzle sizzle sizzle

a bun, a little marinara, mozzarella cheese and yummo!

Cant wait to make more! So many different kinds we could make, next up chicken thai perhaps...