Saturday, November 27, 2010


Jon was a little bummed that we didn't get leftovers so he cooked a full on turkey dinner this afternoon. Yummy! With the leftovers we made frozen dinners in the 'seal and save.' We even ate in the fancy eating room too!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving with the Short family in Arizona City. Way to much food and fun was had! The adults stuffed themselves silly and the girls ate just the right amount. We were so full when we left 5 hours after we ate...but after maybe 15 minutes in the car the kids were complaining on how hungry they were. We should have taken Mary up on the sandwiches...They came home and ate ham and cheese sandwiches! I just couldnt even think about eating...
The twinks playing Sequence with Samantha Ray while Cody played with his cars in the background!

The Kids table! It's so funny when you tell the kids to look up and they look "up!"

Jon playing cars with Sydney

A rousing game of "desert" croquet

Samantha patiently waiting for her turn

Courtney playing in the sand!

Papa had a little to much to eat!

way to much fun playing croquet!

and the day wouldnt have been complete without coloring!

Jon and I braved Black Friday. Papa showed up at 4 am so we could head out for the 'deals' Crazy deals and crazy people. The lines were scary Disneyland long. We got some great deals but we probably would have got them at 10 am too. We weren't looking for the big ticket items like a lot of people were but the girls are going to get a little more then we had planned! It was kinda fun in a weird sort of way!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Underwear optional

Yesterday Jon had the kids for the day why my mom and I went shopping. Mom did the shopping I was just along to drive. Jon told the kids to go get dressed so they did. They got to the really fun Rio Vista park. It's about a 20 minute drive from the house. They got out and started playing and Court comes flyijng down the slide with her dress up and showing the world all of her nakedness! Needlessly to say they left and went to Target and Courtney got some new purple underwear!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yesterday the girls wanted to have a campout...we obliged a little bit with a bonfire and s'more's but the camping was on the couch downstairs!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Student of the month

Samantha was student of the month (October and November) They had a big assembly today and invited all the parents and (Namy and Papa came too) to come see them get their certificates ...along with a free pizza from Peter Piper Pizza!
can you find her smiling? She is anxiously awaiting for the assembly to start

Samantha doesnt know the names of the kids to her right but on her left are her classmates Jaden, Ari, Brady. Her teacher, Mrs. Nuesse (rhymes with messy) is standing behind Jaden.
So happy!

fun necklaces

Papa came back from Bellingham yesterday and Aunt Leah sent the girls some pretty cool necklaces...Courtney thinks hers is awesome but you wouldnt think it by this picture...Thanks Auntie Leah!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trinity Lutheran Church

I have been taking a 10 week basic class at church to become a member of Trinity. It was an interesting class since I was born and raised Lutheran it was a good refresher course of what it's all about. Jon took a majority of the classes with me so he can hear what it's all about since this is the church that his children are being raised in. We had a lot of great theological discussions about it. It's hard when two people get together and their religions are different but in the end it's really all about Jesus. Today the girls and I got up in front of the congregation and were introduced as new members with about 10 others. I am happy to now be a member. I find it so amazing that I fell away from the church for awhile even tried a couple different churches but in the end I went back to what I truly believed in. Once I had kids I realized the importance of being involved in church. My parents did their best at taking me every Sunday, with Sunday school then confirmation. I am hoping that my kids will enjoy it as much as I did.

weekend getaway

Thursday Jon and I headed up to the Bay Area for a couple nights without the kiddos. He still has a couple free tickets on Southwest and I still have a companion it was a very cheap trip (Thanks to the PateS, especially Jack for his room and Sarah for her car!) I am so ready for one of us to get a job so we dont have to be so cheap, not that we wouldnt have stayed with them anyways! I desperately needed my hair done and since Michelle is the only one who has touched my hair since 1994 we left the kids in the good hands of my mom and Alyssa!! I so believe in these little trips away form the kids. It usually recharges me and I feel like I am such a better parent when I get back. This trip I felt like it needed to be another day longer though. The kids just dont listen to me and it completely drive me nuts. After church today I left Jon at home to watch football and the kids and I spent the day with Namy at her RV. The kids were not on their best behavior. When I got back we all ate dinner and I headed upstairs to take a long bath and relax with the door locked! I got up to help put them to bed so hopefully tomorrow I will be recharged enough to be a good mother!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

from Jon

Being a Dad to daughters is not always full of praise... (Me hugging Courtney and Whisper in her ear) "I Love you so Much" (Courtney, Whispering in my ear) " I Like you a little". at least she made me laugh.

trinity trike a thon

Today was the trike-a-thon at Trinity. It seems like every other week it's some sort of fund raising for either Trinity School, Dreaming Summit Elementary or my Mops group. Crazy! For $5 bucks each the grils got their picture taken with the Trinity Tiger! It's all for a good cause...and they sure are cute!

Monday, November 15, 2010

School Pictures!




the Thanksgiving show at TLC

The twinks had their thanksgiving show and party and at preschool this morning. Dumb me set up an interview for a job at the same time so I missed it. Jon recorded a bit of it for me (and you.) (I did get the job but I will know more next week about when I start etc.)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hodges fall 2010 visit!

Julie, Taylor & Dominic showed up Wednesday a little later then they expected...darn airplane delays! We were so excited for their 3rd annual visit!
They all tried to sleep upstairs in the loft. Courtney fell asleep early but after I took this picture she did wake up and join them!

Thursday we we hung out at the house for a bit then we headed to the Dollar Tree for treats from Taylor and Dom's Grandma. She misses the girls. After that we headed over to Oasis Gym for some open gym time! Good times!!



On Friday I kept the kids out of school to play. We packed a yummy lunch and headed over to the White tanks for a fun hike. It was the longest hike my kids have been on. 2 miles round trip! Courtney and Dominic both wanted to be carried back but the other 3 were troopers!
Alyssa joined us too!

Dominic kept asking the girls to hold their hand...Courtney always did but Sydney didnt want anything to do with that!

the motley group!

Julie, me and our kids!

Best Friends!



The hike we went on was the Waterfall hike but as you can see the waterfall wasnt...It was just a little pool of water!
The Howe family!

thankfully that big rock didnt fall on them!

after the hike it was pool time...Jon did try and heat the pool up but it only got to 79* so the kids pretty much stayed in the hot tub!

best friends forever!

Girls night!

Kim and Amy

Julie and me! Man I miss living near her!!

Looks like Julie drank a little to much (I was the driver)

Saturday we took them to Sam's soccer game and then to Olive Garden for a yummy lunch! Always sad to see them go...