Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another tooth!

Tuesday June 25, 2013

The tooth fairy came again! She lost her first tooth Saturday night and he second one in Tuesday!

Mani pedis

June 13, 2013
Last day of school and I surprised the girls w their first mani pedis together! Samantha had a couple when we lived in AZ. They were so excited and so happy! 

Sydney lost a tooth!

March 14, 2013

She was eating an apple at lunch at school. She ended up swallowing it! Her teacher gave her a cut out of a tooth so when she came home she ran upstairs and put it under her pillow hoping the tooth fairy will still leave her some money!

Courtney lost her tooth!

June 22, 2013

The tooth fairy is visiting our house tonight!

Courtney day

June 23, 2013
Today was the first annual Courtney day. Last Mother's Day the girls were saying how it wasn't fair that we got a special day and they didn't. I said you get your birthday and they said we do too so we thought they each get a day where they don't have to clean, they get to pick what we do and eat (within reason) and Courtney got her day first. She wanted her dad to make sweet bacon and eggs for breakfast. We then went for a bike ride in the neighborhood.

Then we went for ice cream at cold stone. 
Then she wanted to bowl! 
We had a very "healthy" lunch at the bowling allley!

We then went and meant one of Jon's coworkers and rode a HORSE! Courtney was so happy!  Nickle is he horses name and one of the sons walked Syd and Courtney around the fields. Samantha rode all by her self!
She wanted to go to red robin for dinner but we were all so hungry and we knew it would be a long wait to get a table so we had BBQ at Dickie's! It was still tasty!
All in all it was a great day and the other two didn't complain to much about having to do what Courtney wanted to do...Samantha kept making "suggestions" to her but Courtney knew what she wanted to do! 


Max and Nicole welcomed their first born on June 21! He is the cutest, Mellowest baby boy! The girls are so excited to have a baby around!

Courtney's turn to get her tonsils out!

Junne 27, 2013

Thursday morning Courtney had her tonsils taken out. Sydney had hers taken out during spring break so we know what we were getting into. Each kid is different that's for sure. Courtney has been a trooper on taking her medicine (tylonel or motrin every 4 hours) and even asks for it  especially in the morning. The day after both Sydney and Samantha had play dates for 4 hours so it was nice to be able to just hang on the couch w her. The worst thing about it is her breath. It's awful! Samantha described it as something dead, then puked on with a bad fart in the air. And I would have to agree with her! I do have to say she has a little more energy and eats a little more then Sydney during her recovery. Is not much but more. Lots of yogurts, Popsicles and jello!
I cant believe these were in her wonder she had sleep apnea!
I just realized I never posted about Sydneys tonsils. She had hers taken out April 4. It was a little scary not knowing what to expect. She was a great patient though. The recovery was hard and all she wanted to do for a week was nothing but watch tv and read books and snuggle...and the breath. wow! We had no idea that was going to happen. Jon came home from work the first day and he thought the dog poopped in the house. He was looking every where for it. I had to tell him it was her breath and he didnt believe me until he sat down next to her.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

track meet!

First track meet of the year and Courtney finally got her first first place ribbon. She tried so hard last year... 50 yard hurdles --Sydney came in second!

Helmet lesson

Sunday night the girls were out on their  scooters. I usually am not a stickler on helmets when they are on the flat parts of the yard but I want them to wear if they decide to go down the hill. Well Courtney thought it look like a lot of fun and went down the hill on our road. I even heard yell that was awesome! Well I wasn't paying to much attention when about 5 minutes later she came in crying and holding her arm. I saw the road rash and told her to go clean it up. I followed her in to the bathroom an that's when I noticed her face. Road rash and a big knot. We wrapped her head up with an ice pack and within 20 minutes the swelling had gone way down. She said she will always wear a helmet from now on and won't be going down the hill again...I highly doubt the last part since she loves going fast and is a little adrenaline junkie! Around the same time Sydney thought riding her bike without shoes was a good idea and ended up trying to stop and stubbed her toe! Great parenting on our part but a few lessons were learned that day!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


I have "liked" this page on facebook called "the Fit community" A couple months ago. It has a lot inspiring pictures and posts these 30 day challenges. The moth of April I did the 30 day squat challenge and last month I got to day 18 of the plank then memeorial day screwed me all up and I didnt finish...well this month the girls and I (and maybe Jon) are going to do 30 day- ARM, AB,SQUAT and JUMP ROPE! Well I dont know how much of the jump rope I can do after having twins after about 15 jumps I have an urge to pee lol!

Day One went well except I only had three mats and the kids argued over who got which one! they are excited about it so maybe they'll keep me on track and keep doing it!