Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Courtney peed on Namy

Since the girls turned 3 on Friday I told them they couldnt wear diapers anymore. Sydney refuses to wear panties so she is still a baby but Courtney is doing great. This afternoon she fell asleep on the way back from a busy playdate w cousins Wyatt and Dawson. She was snuggling Namy and peed on her...

Friday, December 18, 2009


We flew Namy and Papas late Weds night. Jon had work in Vancouver on Thursday and Friday so we took advantage of the grandparents and made a little getaway out of it. We left before the kids even woke up first stop...Tim Hortons!
Jon checked us into the hotel and off to work he went. I on the other hand did absolutely nothing! Channel surfed, read, napped it was AWESOME. Jon got back around 2:30 and we headed out for a late lunch...Sushi! We stopped by 2 different Sushi places and pretty much all the restaurants in the area were closed between 3 and 5 but we found a little hole in the wall that was cheap and super tasty! The waitress suggested the ahi, She said it was super fresh and it was the best both Jon and I had ever had. We ended up ordering 3 servings of it.

We walked around for a bit and went back to the hotel for more of nothing until we met up with a coworker of Jons and his family. More good food. This morning Jon had more work so I slept in! More awesomeness! We headed back and did some Christmas shopping at the Bellis Fair mall in Bellingham. I am all recharged for the hectic week we have ahead of us... First off the twins Bellingham Birthday Bash tonight!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jon is now another year older

Yesterday morning Jon got his Birthday present from the girls...


with extra ammunition!

Courtney didnt know what to expect!

and neither did I!

The gun was a big hit with the girls...I wouldnt be surprised if Jon went out and bought them all ones so they can have "wars" He was excited that the girls liked a "boy" thing!

It was Tuesday so we had Tacos for his birthday dinner. After the kids went to bed Jon finally got to see the movie "The Hangover" which came out on dvd on his birthday so I had to make a quick trip to Target to get it for him!

Happy Birthday dear husband!


On Monday the girls made masks...I totally forgot to have the kids make them at the birthday party.

Sydney didnt want me to take her picture of hers she only wanted to wear Sams but Sam wouldnt let her!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

these two are three

the twins had there AZ birthday party today. It rained this morning so the bouncy house got cancelled but everyone seemed to have a good time anyways. I ordered way to many pizzas from Papa Johns so pretty much everybody took home a pizza too.

Here's Courtney!
and the other birthday girl Sydney w me the mom!

big sister Samantha!

The neighbor boy Brendan!

Since there was no bouncy house we did crafts instead...foam sticker door handles! It was a smashing success! Very crafty!!

everybody got into it!

I let the girls pick out the cake at Costco. Sydney wanted the Princess hat and wand while Courtney wanted the balloons. We ended up w the balloons and I put Princesses on it. They were both so very happy!

Courtney loves Ice Cream!

Sydney loves Cake well frosting mostly! Such a sweetie!

Goofy girl

Her favorite face

and Syds too!


Playing w the new Barbies w Jill

and new roller bags from Mom and Dad (Sam got one too)
all and all it was a fun little party! another one in WA in 5 days on there "real" birthday!

The Preschool program

Yesterday afternoon the girls got all dressed in their Christmas dresses for Samanthas singing program at the church. It was very cute. All the kids were dressed so nicely. In the middle of it the Pastor told all the kids to smile and we all got up and took pictures!

Walking in a nice little line

all the 4 year olds~

Posing for the camera!

the girls were entertained w my ipod and jons iphone!

I just thought this was a funy picture...Syd showing off some leg!

Classmates...Aiden the boy has a crush on Samantha and even told his mom that he was going to marry her!

Courtney being a flirt w Sammys "boyfriends"

A classmates birthday party

Samantha went to another birthday party this weekend. This time it was Conners and it was at the park. She was the only girl in her classs to show up but she had fun. She played mainly w another classmate Bradley. She told me that he said "I love you" to her. It's starting! She was pretty happy when she realized there was a pinata (which she calles a peeata!)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trinity Preschool Christmas Program

The videos from the program...


Last night we headed over to Glendale for their "Glendale Glitters." The town blocks off a street downtown by the main square and has a little festival w lots of lights, vendors, bouncy houses, a stage with shows, a movie playing- Madagascar 2, and of course the main reason we went...SANTA! The girls were so excited!
They were dancing in line!

finally they got to see him!
Samantha telling him that she wants "a princess that turns into a fairy then back to a princess"

And Sydney said she wanted a fairy princess!

this is the one they took! totally the 30 minutes of waiting and $5!

and Courtney said she wanted a "Snow White Doll"

then the bouncy house fun!

with a big slide

they would jump really high and just fly down!
the videos:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

zoo lights

The last few days have been jam packed w fun! So I am behind on the blogging...
Last Thursday night we went o Zoo Lights. Aiden came along w us. (He's a son of one of Alyssas coworkers) The girls were a little bummed because all we saw was lights no animals (well we did see some Zebras and flamingos) but the lights we spectacular~

Sydney was my little poser for the camera throughout the night!

Jenga the Giraffe was there. He is a talking giraffe who sings songs and tells jokes to the kids. They wanted to stay w him the longest!

Jenga the giraffe!


of course we went on the merry go round!

We love the merry go round!

Jengo the talking Giraffe playing Head Shoulder knees and toes w the crowd

The merry go round-