Friday, August 31, 2012


Samantha has her own room downstairs. It's a nice little room with a bathroom. She was really excited when she got to move into it. For the past 4 months it's a battle to get her to stay in it. She doesnt think it's fair that everybody else gets to "share" a room. The past few nights have been horrible and she keeps sneaking into her sisters room. It wouldnt be so bad but she keeps them up talking and playing. Last night we couldnt figure out why the twinks werent going to sleep. We tucked everyone in their beds at 8 and at 9:15 they were still giggling and whispering. I went in and sure enough there was Samantha. I told her she doesnt get to watch the movie for family movie night tomorrow night and that made her really mad. But there are consequences and she really enjoys that. Fast forward to this morning and I go to wake her up and she isnt in her bed. She went back into her sisters room at some point and was sleeping in there. Now she has no electronics/tv for a week. I am at a loss on what to do here. We are about to do some sort of change to the twinks room so they can each have their own space. We would love for them to have their own rooms but this house just isnt in the right shape to add a new bedroom somewhere without costing us an arm and a leg. We are thinking loft beds for them all. Maybe if we redo Sam's room a bit she'd like it! We would let her be with her sisters but she doesnt let them sleep. They usually go to sleep within 10 minutes of us turning the light off but always with Sam it's an hour and half and we are always going in there telling them they need to quiet down. I really miss our AZ house which by the way should close on Tuesday!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Woohoo 2nd grade

Samantha started school today! She was super excited. She woke up 3 times throughout the night and at 6:30 decided to take her shower. She woke her sisters up and they all watched cartoons until 8. The twinks don't start kindergarten until Tuesday. Mrs. Sterk is her teacher and she has a few of her friends in her class. There are only 16 kids in her class, i so love the Nooksack Valley school system! She is so ready!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mrs. Johnson

I am so proud of my niece! She is now a 1st/2nd grade teacher at Bellevue Christian Elementary!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

the drive home

We took two days and took the 101 up so we could drive thru a tree! Totally worth the $5 and extra hundred miles!

we dont start driving through until 5:05

Friday Fun

Friday was spent by once again the pool! We spent the last couple nights at the Pates back in Alamo.
Emily assumed her position!
My view until I jumped in!
Sydney flew over her Dad...who hasnt seen much of the sun!

cant go to California without a stop at In-n-out!
we went to watch a scrimmage game of Jack and Jordans high school football team. We got there a half hour or so to early so the twinks were getting restless. We left Samantha with the Pate's and took the twinks to the park!

Probably one of my favorite pictures of the twinkles!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Jon flew in Thursday morning and we headed on up to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. It use to be my favorite when Emily and Jack were little. I was a little disappointed because a lot of the rides were to big for the twinks and the ones that they could ride were pretty lame but they all seemed to have a good time. The lines on all the rides were pretty short so that was a plus. Emily and I tried to ride Superman but it broke down and we gave up after 20 minutes waiting for it to start up again!
About to start the fun!
Samantha and Emily flew in the swings!

Emily fed the giraffe. The girls decided they wanted to spend the $5 on a treat at the store.
a boa constrictor!

We were a little bummed because it said it was open until 8 but all the rides turn off at 6. Lame! If we would have known that we wouldnt have spent an hour looking at crap in the gift shop! Next time we go down we are going to Great America!!

A Wood day

The Woods got a puppy, Cooper, a month ago and the girls just loved him! He is a great dog, very well mannered and they got him from a shelter too!Courtney spent one night sleeping beside his cage!

The girls really love to swim. The spent pretty much all the time they could in the pool. It took me quite a few shots to get my favorite one of them!

Samantha and Lisa playing volleyball!
We went to the restaurant that I worked at for 5 years for lunch and I got my favorite...#1 spicy!
then we headed over to the Wood ranch and saw some sheep. That barn in the background is either the longest or oldest this side of the Mississippi.

We had a super fun stay with Lisa, Jim, Boo and Eric!


We met my good friend Michell and her kids at Waterworld on Tuesday.I of course hadnt been there in probably 10 years and it hadnt changed that much. The lnes were still long and the food was still expensive but we all had a great time. The lazy river was extremely cold so we only went around it a few times. I sure wish I had a waterproof camera becasue it would have been an awesome pic of the girls under the waterfall! we spent some time in the wave pool. The twinks werent tall enough to go in with out a life jacket which Courtney loved becasue she was all over the place! We stood in one line and went down the Big Kahuna which was a lot of fun and we would have loved to have gone on it more than once but it was at least a 45 minute wait so no!!

We left there and went to Tutti Frutti for some froyo! I sure do miss all of my friends down there!

Caoitola Beach

we spent the next 3 nights at the Woods house in Danville. We got up Monday morning and headed over to Capitola for a day at the beach. What a day it was! Not a cloud in the sky felt like 78* perfect beach weather!
My little California girls!
it cant be a day at the beach without someone getting buried in the sand!!
A slice and a tee shirt at Pizza my heart!
I sure do miss those California beaches!
had to get some ice cream and snow cones before the hour drive home!
Once we got back there was swimming in the pool!! My girls sure do love to swim and jump!

Avery turned one

We lucked out and it was Avery's 1st birthday party while we were there! The girls had a blast picking birthday gifts for her. There was lots of swimming and "surfing!"  I stubbed my toe pretty bad that morning so I stayed out. What a blast we all had!