Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun Friday

The first Friday of the month the cleaning ladies show up to make the house look beautiful! So that means I have to leave the house. (Happy Birthday from my Dad...thanks!) I went to the Christian book store and bought a called "One year of Dinner Table Devotions and discussion starters." It seems like every night the kids want us to ask them questions and after a long day our minds are mush so I thought we'd try this out. Since I was near Crusin' coffee I went and got a mocha from Nicole. Then got burrito's at Taco Del mar to take to Jon and have lunch with him. Then I picked the twinks up from preschool and we went to the Jump around Fun zone before we went to pick Samantha up from school. We swung by the house and got all our warm clothes for ice skating that evening. I dropped Sam off with Aunt Leah and Nicole. She had her first sleep over at Lex and Leah's last night. They went shopping to find Nicole's wedding dress! The twinks and I went and got Jon and headed downtown for pizza at Cicchitti's and ice cream at Mallards. They were having a kid's art walk downtown. Kids art from the local elementary schools were hung up all over downtown businesses. We didnt get very far becasue the twinks were getting cold from the ice cream and they only had long sleeve shirts on. So we got in the car and went for a little drive since open skate didnt start until 7. We drove by a couple fun parks that I want to explore. We made it to open skate at 7 and skated until 9. The girls did great. Courtney accidentally stepped on Sydney's had towards the end so her hand got a little cut up but she still wanted to skate! We didnt get the "little helpers" at first and they did pretty good but once we got those things they were raring to go. And at the end their skating was so much better! We definitely need to take them more. They love it.