Monday, July 30, 2012

Seattle day

The girls and I headed down to Seattle to go the Pacific Science Center. When we joined the the Vancouver one we found out the Seattle one was free! We picked up Alexa and she hung out with us. We had lunch at Mod pizza at Seattle center, yummo! It was super tasty but they messed up Sydney's so they gave it to us for free! We hung out for awhile by the big fountain and then headed back home. We stopped by the outlets near Marysville and the girls got new outfits for school and new sunglasses! A good time was had by all! Sydney ended up having a couple annoying tantrums so she gets to go to bed 30 minutes before her sisters tonight!

Puzzle time!

Crazy Courtney held a cockroach!
Huge Butterfly! Sam was told they only live for 3 days and today was day one! Very cool!