Monday, October 15, 2012

Mini van

Right before we moved up here last year we sold our Caravan to Carmax. It had 100,000 miles on it and the electrical was shot. The plan was to buy a new one once we got up here. I ended up buying my mom's Malibu Maxx which is a great car but a little small for our family. So after the house sold in AZ we finally got another van! Love it!! It has pretty much all the bells an whistles we wanted except for a DVD player in the back which is ok since they all have their own portable ones from out CA trip this summer. One cool feature is that my phone is hooked up through the stereo via blue tooth and all I have to do is tell it to call who ever and it does. All hands free! Jon was a little nervous about the whole experience. We had gone and looked at a bunch of different ones at 3 different dealers. I had a crappy experience at one in Burlington and he had a crappy one in Bellingham. Haggling isn't either of our strong suits! We ended up having a cousin of ours buy one thru auction and we saved $2500 doing it that way but we bought it sight unseen. We new it was gold and it had power doors and windows but had no clue on the center console and stereo. We had looked at about 8 different ones in person and saw a lot of pictures of different ones so we could have ended up with a cheapie sand console but it had the ones we wanted! I love it!!