Thursday, November 1, 2012


The twinks had there Halloween party at school on Tuesday since they dont go on Wednesdays. It was fun. They had lots of Halloweeny crafty things to do and they paraded thru all the classrooms with there costumes. Having them in separate classes made it a challenge but I went back and forth in 10 minute increments. It worked out perfectly.
Sydney's class
Courtney's class
a fairy, a witch and Snow White!
Samanthas party was fun too. The girls and I headed over at 2:15 on Halloween and they did another parade through each class. Then back to Sams classroom for snacks.

Courtney really wanted the Snow White wig to go with her costume so we went out on Monday night and bought it. She has been saving up here money and wanted to buy it herself. It was $14 and I told I would pay half. She was super happy. She kept telling people she was wearing a wig!!
Newman AKA Secretariat
It was pouring! Thankfully I took the kids downtown right after school and did the loop thru all the shops becasue it was so wet when we went at 6 that we only made it 30 minutes before the adults (me. Jon and Uncle Lex) said it was time to go in! The girls are true Washingtonians they wanted to keep on going...