Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A glimpse

At this moment Courtney is reading while Sydney and Samantha are singing "let it go" in the mirror in the bathroom! 

This summer I have a chore chart and it's worth a dollar a day. They can only get that dollar if they do everything on the chart which consists of 20 minutes of reading, a grade level workbook, room clean and outside toys picked up. They have a rotating weekly chore of duties also. One week is garbage and floors, dogs-feed and pick up poop or dishes/kitchen. They can loose money by not putting their shoes away, crying, screaming, hitting, talking back etc... They get a warning but so far it seems to be working. They all lost their dollar the first day because they didn't read but they definitely are getting it. Sydney lost hers for throwing a huge fit and she didn't read. I have a jar for each of then with their money in it in top of the fridge and when they lose it they see me taking the money away so it becomes real to them. Hopefully this will make summer a little more bearable since we 69 more days left of summer!