Monday, February 16, 2015

Samantha is TEN

When Samantha was three I told her that when i was 10 I had my birthday at the space Needle so she decided then and there that's what she wanted to on her 10th birthday. There have been many times we have been in Seattle and we have wanted to go to the top but Samantha said no we had to wait until her 10th birthday!  The day finally came! And what a gorgeous day it was.

Brunch on top of the space needle

Samantha and her friend Faith

I can't believe she's 10! 
The family!
Me and my baby girl!
Samantha and Faith
Samantha and Sydney sitting facing South!
Jon and I 
The electronic sign in on top of the Needle
Samantha got to bring her friend Faith and we brought her mom Lisa along too for me to have a friend! We stayed at the Westin in Seattle while the twins and Jon stayed in Bothell with the Hughes.  It was so much fun. We walked around Bellevue Square and went swimming at the Hotel pool.

The girls brought their American girl dolls!
Alyssa works at the Westin and had a yummy dessert sent up for Samantha!
It was a perfect 10th birthday!