Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sam has been home sick all week with a fever. It started Sunday afternoon with a fever of 102.4 and would come and go. Monday she seemed fine but her fever hit 101.7. Yesterday I think 100.8 was the highest but she was tired most of the day. This morning it was only 99.6 but I kept her home anyways. Just thought I'd give her one more day to get whatever bug is in there out. She feels good tonight and I got them all in bed by 7:25 (even though I can still hear them chatting away) This morning Alexa Kay came over and cleaned the house. I left Sam in my bed and took the kids to MOPs. They had fun playing with other kids while I chatted with some other Christian moms. Now Jon is sick too. He came home yesterday from work and went straight to bed and today he went in late and even took a nap in my Dads office (he has a couch) and was home by 3 and has been lying in bed ever since. I really really hope and pray that me and the twinks dont get this too!