Monday, June 13, 2011

Deming Log Show weekennd!

This past weekend was the Deming Log show for busted up Loggers. it's a huge fundraiser for loggers that get hurt during the year. It's a great time. Ludtke Pacific trucking sponsors the best Load of logs every year. I dont think my dad and brothers have missed one. It's a great time! Dad takes the RV out and has a permanent spot he parks it at. Lot's of friends and family stop by. The BBQ is the best!!
The girls on a shiny Ludtke truck!
There is always a sucker in the crowd that will give shoulders rides!!

First time Sydney ate a steamed clam out of the shell...she loved it even though this picture says otherwise!

It's always a perfect Log Show weekend when it's Leah's Brithday!

Alexa Kay loves the LOG SHOW!

Cousin Trinity with Sydney and Courtney

the guys smoking cigars!

a mondo marshmallow for Sydney!

Lot's of equipment to play on!

the perfect size chainsaw! I dont think they would have like it if it was on!!

taking a little break looking at the old equipment

Sydney and Courtney each bought a raffle ticket to win the Pig! Samantha didnt want anything to do with...She even said "Mom if we win that pig, I am not helping to take care of it all!"
We didnt win the pig!
Aunt Lorena and Courtney

Uncle Lex and Courtney watching the show. The kids were great! They sat through 2 1/2 hours of the show. (I did pack coloring books for them which kept them occupied)
Sydney and Papa!