Monday, June 27, 2011


We have way to many toys. I go through them a few times a year and weed out the ones that they don't play with anymore but it's still too much. Since we are out at Birch Bay this week we only brought out a few. A box of duplo blocks, stuffed animals, a few dress up dresses and coloring. There are a bunch of sand toys and trucks outside and the kids have not been bored with the few toys they have. Right now they are outside with tonka trucks playing "farmers market." the best thing about it is the clean up! It is so quick and they dont complain because there isnt that much to clean up. At home they take out every toy and whine when it's time to clean up because they have taken so much out! That doesnt mean I am going to go home and get rid of there toys though, I am tempted but I know I won't. I just need to be on them so they clean while playing and not play with so much at once...easier said then done!