Friday, February 24, 2012


This morning Sam missed the bus for the first time. She knew the trouble she was going to get into if she did but today she decided at 8:05 to change. (the bus comes around 8:10) She was telling me none of her pants fit right. Ususally at 8:05 she is getting her jacket and backpack on and standing by the window waiting for the bus to drive by. The bus drives down the street and turns around then comes back. Once she sees the bus she goes out the door. Perfect timing. It was just one of those panicky mornings and I kept telling her the bus is going to come. Hurry up! At 8:14 the bus drove by slowed down and then drove away. We missed seeing go by. She knew she was in trouble. I dont think it will ever happen again though. She lost all of her smiley faces on the "Howe Helper door," all electronic privileges and no TV until next Friday. It's going to be a long week! She was invited to go to her best friends after school and then to the movie night at the school with her family. The way she was yelling at me after I reminded her what was taken away was completely unacceptable so I told her she had to stop talking and go to her room or she was losing that too. I didnt want to make her lose tonight because it wouldnt have been fair to Breanna so she gets to go. I ended up driving her to school and then the twinks to preschool. They were 15 minutes late.