Friday, February 24, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

February 19, 2011! My niece Alexa Kay got married!! She married the most amazing, caring, fun and handsome man Bernt Bjarane Johnson. The wedding was amazing and was all done by friends and family...every little detail was perfect!
Alexa and Grandma kay's stained glass window
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson right before they said I do (well they technically said I will)
the most beautiful little flower girls ever!!
Max and JackMax "take a picture of us. It will be the only time you see us both all fancied up (something like that)
Me "no you'll be dressed up at your wedding"
Max "No, I'll be in a sleeveless flannel in my semi truck!"

Max and the ladies!

time to sparkle!!
My girls w cousin Trinity

our table!

cool ballons..they had flashing lights inside. The girls loved them!! They were full of helium so most of them were on the ceiling but when one floated downs they all went for it!
Tried to get a shot with me and the Ems like we always do when we see each other...Jack and Sam wanted in on the action!

then Eric, Sarah and Courtney jumped in too!
And they lived happily ever after....