Monday, March 5, 2012

Sad day

Jon and I made the decision to give Lucky back to the shelter. She has gotten out about 10 times due to human error... i.e. we left the gate or door open to the front. When she gets out she runs and chases the neighbors cat and the other.neighbors chicken all while she is barking. They finally had enough of it this weekend. The neighbor with the cat shot at it w a bb gun because he said it lunged at him. I didn't see it but she does bark like crazy which is annoying. When she gets out we are chasing after her and pretty much right. When she supposedly lunged at him I was hiding behind a tree so I didnt officially see but she is a 30 lb collie and if it did lunge he could have kick her not gotten a gun even if it was a bb gun. When he was shooting at her she was a good 30 ft from him and that part I did witness. I have taken her to obedience school and she does really well on a leash but the minute that leash is off she takes off and doesn't come when called. I was planning on taking her through another round of obedience training then start her off lead training course but the neighbors aren't giving me the chance anymore. They both have called animal control and now if they call again it could cost us a couple grand because she would be deemed vicious and we would have to get a kennel with a roof and every time we walked her she would have to have a muzzle on. So we have made the choice to give her back to the shelter. She is a great dog and will make a family very happy just as long as they don't have chickens or a cat!