Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last week a few of the Nooksack high school kids went to Sam's school to tell them about their musical they were doing. She came home and said she wanted to go. Her best friends big sister was in it too! She kept talking about so I got a babysitter (Jon was golfing)!for Sunday afternoon for the twins. To tell you the truth I was expecting much. It's a small high school out in the county. I was completely blown away. The talent these kids was outstanding. The sets were very professional and the costumes were amazing. The makeup the lighting... Everything was top notch! We went to the Sunday matinée. It started at 2 and we left at 4:45. It was the last show so the director thanked everyone and talks about every senior. One of the seniors at the end asked his girlfriend to go the prom with him which Sam thought was pretty cool. For being so long it sure didn't seem like it at all. What a wonderful performance! I am going to go to more of their shows!