Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the best field trip of the year...

On Monday we headed out to Larrabee State park. It's probably my favorite state park in the area. we go there a few times a year. It's has so much to see. The 1st graders have been learning a lot about the pacific northwest sea life and we saw a bunch of it. Lot's of sea anemones and starfish. Even though the weather wasnt the greatest the kids had a blast. Good thing Sam and I wore our rubber boots!
Ms. Brandt showing the kids sea lettuce

a couple fish stuck in a tide pool

the sea anemones were so cool looking!

This is called a Christmas Anemone I think!

my group!


tons of star fish!

Samantha and her bff Breanna!

Ms. Brandt showing the class a starfish that is growing a new leg.

Ms. Brandt's first grade class!