Saturday, June 16, 2012

Deming Log Show

Every second full weekend in June is the Deming Log show for busted up loggers. This year was there 50th year which I had a hard time comprehending since they said the first show was in 1963. Ludtke Pacific Trucking has been involved sponsoring since the beginning. My Dad got a nice plaque thanking him. It's the same show every year and it's a lot of fun. i am always impressed. The girls even like to sit through most of the show which is saying a lot since it's like 4 hours long. The favorite is a clown act where this guy climbs up a pole and does this whole routine and then kids "shot" at and ziplines down. The night before is vendors night and they always ahve great food and the kids love to climb on all the equipment and walk around the stadium.

samantha stayed out with Papa in the Rv and next year will too. It's always a good time and I didnt even mention the BBQ and strawberry shortcake!