Monday, February 11, 2013


The past couple of weeks there have been reports of a man trying to abduct kids around Whatcom county. Each time the kid scream and ran away so thankfully nothing has happened but the guy is still on the loose. I havent really talked to the kids about stranger danger or anything like that which I know is bad but I havent want to freak them out. Today we went to the mall and we were going to have lunch at the food court. Courtney wanted Clam chowder at Ivars so we were standing line and Courtney wandered a bit I got her back but then I turned around aand she was gone. I mean gone I yelled her name and nothing. I yelled again and nothing I got a little freaked out! Sydney was holding my hand and looking with me and we couldnt find her anywhere. We ran around the food court yelling her name and people were looking at us then we found her and I was so mad at her that I told ehr we were leaving then she freaked out yelling at me "give me one more chance" and running away from me. SO now everybody is looking at me. I finally got her and now Sydney is mad too but there was no way we were staying. I go them outside and Jon showed up (he was meeting us for lunch) and he helped me get them in the car. It was crazy studpid how they were acting by then. As we were driving home I broke down and told them all about the bad guy that takes little kids away and they need to stay near me at all times. The car ride was silent the whole way home. I think it all sunk in but I never want to have that feeling ever again!!