Sunday, February 17, 2013

Samantha's PJ party!

 Samantha and I waiting for the the party to begin!
Samantha really wanted a sleepover party but I just couldnt envision 8  2nd graders sleeping! So I suggested a PJ party where all the girls brought their favorite doll and wore their jammies. It was perfect. They all got along great and the 5 hours flew by...
Pizza! I bought 3 cheese pizzas for the girls. Samantha usually eats 3 or 4 pieces and since most of the girls are on the basketball team I figured they all were hungry from playing their game but nope they didnt even finish one pizza! They were all just to excited to eat!

The girls and their dolls!

Craft time! Pillow cases with fabric markers! Samnatha's idea!!

Happy Birthday with the Costco red velvet cake!

Wii Dance!

What a great party!

The twinks spent the evening with their dad boat sushi, dollar tree and a movie!