Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This morning I decided to get Courtney out of school and take her to the mall. She hadn't bought her sisters birthday present yet or her teachers. Tonight was the church Christmas program and we have had busy last couple days so I just decided this was the only time. At 9:45 I showed up at school and signed her out of class. She was a little nervous and quiet. I told her we are going to go shopping at the mall. I also told her not to tell her sisters. Thinking this was something special but her reaction was not what I was expecting. We got in the car and we are about 5 minutes in and she said she was scared. I told her there was nothing to be scared about this is fun we are playing hooky! She had no clue what that meant so I did my best. I was also playing hooky too since I was really suppose to be at work. I asked her if she wanted to stop and get some hot chocolate and she said NO! We got to the mall which is about 20 minutes from the school and she now has real tears and wants to go back to school she really felt like she was doing something wrong. I explained to her that it was ok. The school knows where she is at and everything is going to be alright. I sai, "lets just go in and get the presents quickly and I'll take you right back to school." She said Ok only because I was making her! I would have totally loved it if my mom took me out of school to go shopping. I was floored.  I asked if she wanted to get some popcorn while we were at Target and that was another no. She picked out a nice scarf for her teacher and an outfit for Sydney's American girls doll for Christmas. We then headed over to Justice because she wanted to get her a big Ty Beanie Boo that was there. We walked by the gumball/candy machines and she finally said yes to some Mike and Ikes! I think she is sorta enjoying herself finally! We got back to the car and headed back to school and as we were driving into the parking lot I asked her if she ever wanted to that with me again... Her response " No mom take Sydney or Samantha next time!"  Crazy Kid!!