Friday, December 26, 2014

The Howe's Christmas

Our annual Christmas card 

Started our Christmas Eve day with a walk around Lake Padden.  Took th the dogs with us this year and since we hardly ever take them out in "public" they got super excited every time they saw another person or dog! Needless to say it took us 1 1/2 hours to walk 3 miles! Sometimes I think I don't have to be a parent check things (like what they are wearing) and we get there and I realized Sydney didn't wear a jacket and she wore "new" boots so they got all muddy and she was cold! We all still had fun though!
After the walk we headed to Starbucks for hot chocolate w extra whip cream and treats!

Christmas Eve was spent at Lex and Leah's. This years theme was The P. Diddys the Hampton's "White Party!" 
4 generations of Ludtke's!
New Christmas Jammie's and Robes! I have two robes and The girls have been sleeping in them for the past few months so I never get to use either of them! So I broke down and bought them all their own ladies medium robes! Big and comfy and I got mine back!
Silly me didn't get my annual picture of the kids all sitting by the tree with all the presents! Oops
I got new slippers ... Funny story. The twins and I were wrapping Samantha's presents from them and Sydney says "mom you can't get the 'owl cutie' because it's in the bag that your slippers are in" Courtney and I start laughing because she just told me I was getting slippers for Christmas and Sydney started crying because she thought she ruined  my surprise! I hugged her and told her it was ok then we all started laughing!  Here's a video of Samantha getting her boots from her sisters 

Sydney has been into magic tricks lately so Jon bought her a magic kit and she put on a show...Courtney was her assistant!

Samantha was the only one to write to Santa this year and ask for something. She asked for 'darn yarn' so Santa brought all 3 girls it. I bought them all the knitting supplies and a book w a video on how to knit. I figured they all love the rainbow loom why not have them learn how to make scarves and afghans!
Samantha painted me this lovely mug! 

It was a beautiful day celebrating the birth of or Lord Jesus Christ!