Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let's Go Coyotes

Tonight Jon and I took Jessica and Samantha to the Coyotes game. The girls seemed to like it (only if iwas because of the pizza and ice cream!) It was a great game. Samantha was a little bummed she didnt get on the jumbo tron this time...her fame went to her head from the last time! It was 70's night so all the music was from then (and a few people even dressed up) so we did a lot of dancing!

Coyotes vs Flyers

they won so tomorrow we can take are ticket stub to Oggi's for pizza sticks!

Jess and Sam

Some bonding w Daddy

the big chulupa in the sky dropped down free chulupa's coupons!

the Coyotes Win!

She thought these guys (KISS) were funny in their makeup and boots! Rock On!!