Wednesday, November 25, 2009

plane ride

We flew to WA yesterday and had the most pleasant ride EVER. The kids enertained themselves. No poop blowouts. Nothing major. Sydney did ask when we were waiting to leave if we were already in WA...we hadnt even taken off yet. I thought it was going to be a long trip if she was already asking that but she didnt ask again! Jon and I even played two games of cribbage. It was delightful!

On another note I completely forgot Samantha and my passport. I was so concerned about remembering the twins birth certificates that I forgot to grab our passports. (For some reason I thought Jon was going to get them because we keep all our passports in his treasure box...but he had gone to Canada a couple weeks ago and never put it back so he had no intention of getting it. Totally my bad!) Kims man Mike saved the day by going to the house and overnighting them to us! We are about to head to Whistler, BC Cananda~ to celebrate my parents 50 years of matrimony!