Wednesday, November 25, 2009

shopping w Sam

The other day Samantha, Alyssa and I went shopping. We were looking for tights for Sam. We went to tj maxx and I found cute little outfits for the twins so I told Sam she could pick an outfit out. She found 3 and wanted to try them on. She was having such a hard time deciding and begging for all three. I told her only one. She did the inny meanny minie moe and still couldnt decide. She got Alyssas opinion and she picked out 2 out of the 3. She finally picked one so I started towrds the check out and she was crying crying because she wanted the other one too. Thankfully Alyssa was there I left to went to pay while Alyssa calmed her down. I kept thinking to myself...damn I have 3 girls this shopping is going to suck!!