Saturday, December 11, 2010

F#$@ing DUCKS

So back in 2008 Uncle Lex and Aunt Leah gave the twinks 100 ducks Jon replaced a couple toilets in 2009 in because of them. They all got thrown in the trash after the second toilet. Well for the past year Jon has been yelling at the kids that they are making to much of a mess in the bath and water is splashing down into his garage and the corner was getting wet and moldy. Finally I went and looked at it and I dont think it's coming from them splashing...especially since we have been doing morning baths so they havent really been playing. I think we have a leak under there. So Papa and Jon spent the afternoon tearing up the dry wall and sure enough it was a leak. Some how when Jon put the toilet on it didnt seal right and water has been oozing over into the ceiling and down through the walls. Lots of mold completely gross. he feels bad that he has been blaming the kids the whole time. Well now my dad and Jon have a pretty big project they are now in the middle of. Making new cabinets and cleaning up mold. Oh the fun of being a homeowner! I blame the damn ducks!