Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poor Courtney

After school today we picked Sam up from school in our wagon. The wagon has a trailer so its perfect for all the kids. Courtney was riding in the trailer and we were in front our neighbors house on the way back and some how the trailer got loose. Courtney wasnt sitting in it properly so when it got loose she went a tumbling. Blood everywhere! Scary! I scooped her up and told Sam to get the wagon. Sydney sat there and screamed because she wanted me to pick her up too. I left her there and made Sam go get her while I tried to clean Courtney up. The bottom cut looked like it needed a stitch so I got everybody in the car. I tried to call a Amy and Kim to see if they could watch Sydney and Sam but neither answered. I drove by Amy's house and thankfully she was there so I left them there and headed to urgent care. I went in and the lady at the front desk said that it would be over and hour wait and she thought the ER would be a better bet. I called the pediatricians office and for some stupid reason they don't do stitches so I had to go to the ER. I didn't want to run all over the west valley trying to find an urgent care that had a shorter wait. The ER is so much more expensive, we have $150 copay and if I would have gone to the drs office or urgent care, the total bill probably wouldn't be that much! I hate that they have to charge so much but that's where the people with no insurance go and they end up having to make up for all the no pays somehow! I digress...back to the story. We got right in. Had to sit in a room for a bit before the doc came in then we had to wait a little more for the nurse to come in to put the gel on it to numb it then we had to wait for it to numb then the doc came back and said that it didnt need any stitches just butterfly bandages so then we had to wait for another nurse to come in and put those on and then wait a little more for the discharge we were there for 1 hour 35 minutes total which I didnt think was bad for being an ER!

it's numbing (she thought it tickled)


we got back to Amy's and Courtney really wanted to play for a bit so we played for a half hour. Our plan this afternoon was to go grocery shopping but since that didnt happen "whataburger" it was for dinner! On the way home Sam asked why everything always happens to Courtney...she is the one who broke her arm and has had plenty of bumps and scratches on her...she is my crazy one!