Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Papa rocks!

Sunday night I did the stupidest thing, I put potato peels down the disposal. The first time I did it was liKR 7 years ago and it was a huge disaster and against my better judgment I did it again! Thankfully my dad fixed it and boy did I mess it up! He had to unscrew pipes and everything! Then yesterday he fixed the upstairs bathroom sinks that needed parts. The people that owned the house before us were foreclosed on and they took everything they could. Instead of taking THE whole faucet like they did in the master bath they just unscrewed the drain thingy and pulley. When we first moved in Jon and I searched to find the parts and never found them. We pretty much gave up because we decided the house would have been flooded a few times if they could stop it. The renters want it fixed and Papa found the parts at the habitat for humanity restore for a buck! He had to do a little Jerry rigging but it works! I love my daddy-o, he rocks!