Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A crazy week

The Ludtke Men--Uncle Abner, Uncle Clarion, Dad and Uncle Fred

Well the first week of all the kids in school was fantastic! I got a lot accomplished and my house is now clean! I still have a few things to do like the fridge and I want to go through all the kids toys again. Saturday Sam had a soccer game and we went to my Aunt Nancys sisters for a party. Then on Sunday I transferred my church membership back to the church I grew up in so the kids and I had to stand up and wave to everyone. They gave us a lovely bouquet of flowers and the kids each got a fun little book. Sunday afternoon we had a party at the house because Uncle Fred and Aunt Nancy were here from South Carolina so all the cousins came over for a feast. Dad and Jon smoked tri tip, chickens and brisket. Everybody brought tasty sides and we had a grand ol time. Thankfully Uncle Clarion brought his canopys and they fit perfectly on the deck because it rained off and on throughout the day. In the next few weeks my dad will be moving into his motorhome which is parked right outside. He wanted his own space and now Sam will be getting her own room. So lots more stuff to do like painting rooms and moving beds around!