Sunday, September 11, 2011


One of my favorite meals to get at an Italian restaurant is Gnocchi. Tonight I decided to try and make it! We couldnt get the potatoes super smashed so they were a little lumpy but Jon said he like it better that way, gave it some texture. Samantha's job was to cut them from them from the "snake" I rolled out! We used the pesto I made from the basil from the garden. Next year I dont think I need to plant four plants of basil. We have so much of it. I made three batches of pesto and froze 2 ice cube trays of it and there is still 2 plants that haven't even been touched! We also ate the rest of the broccoli from the garden. The broccoli from the garden was excellent! Looking forward to next years garden. I really learned a lot this year next year is going to be bigger and I'll try a few more things out! We still have carrots and the tomatoes havent turned red. The beets were fabulous but I didnt thin them out so they were small same with the carrots. I only had one that was about the size of a baseball but most of them were the size of golf balls and there were a lot where they were so small I didnt even bother cooking them. The beet greens were tasty though!