Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Curriculum night

Last night we had Curriculum night at Sams school. We spent the first 20 minutes with Sam showing us a bunch of stuff she has been doing at school. Mrs. Brandt told us that Sam is really understanding math and is even teaching her classmates. She said it's tough for kids to figure out the break down of numbers like 8 2's make 16 but Sam really gets it. She's no Parker Long ;) The math program at the school is getting all revamped so the teacher isn't even using a book this year. She said that she has been teaching first grade for 25 years so she is kinda using all the resources she has used over the last 25 years. Sam also has knows the first semesters site words already. Mrs. Brandt said this year there wont be as much homework like there was in Kindergarten. It will be mostly practice spelling words, math games and lots and lots of reading. She doesn't like to give homework out because she doesn't like grading it! I loved her honesty! I think Sam is really going to enjoy this school year.