Monday, April 9, 2012


yay! We made it to Disneyland. Jon and I were really worried this was going to be a tiring trip mainly because we have three kids and their is only 2 of us! I have to say it was three fabulous days of parenting! The kids were great. A couple little melt downs here and there but not enough to really even mention them. Courtney did have 2 potty accidents the last night we were there but I have to say we were there for 15 hours and she was a tired little monkey! Sunday was a perfect day and in hindsight we wish we would have made that our long day because it wasnt all that packed. The girls kept wanting to go back to the hotel and swim so we called it a day around 7 so they could swim. Talk about a small world...there were a couple kids from Sam's  school who ride her bus staying at the same hotel and swimming with us! On Tuesday and Weds everybody and their grandparents were there! Crazy amount of people but we did manage to not let that get in our way. I even ran into an old college roommate, Victoria, and her family. It's a small after all!
Our first line...Buzz Lightyear!

getting here "bride" on!

Our princesses in another line Nemo