Tuesday, April 10, 2012

disneyland rides

 patiently waiting for Dad to get the stroller...
 the little mermaid ride!
 Under the sea merry go round!

 a picture in a toy box!
 in line at the roller coaster in toon town...longest line shortest ride!
I lost my camera after this ride but someone was kind enough to turn it in to lost and found!


 Alice in Wonderfland
Wee!! we were going to try and do it again to get the picture with all the girls in front but again the lines were way to long and fast pass for that day was late at night and we didnt want to get wet again!

Tarzan's Bridge
Peter Pan!
In front of Mr. Toads wild ride (which we didnt go on)

The last ride of the first night...the teacups!
Pirates of the Caribbean (we got stuck on that one for a good 15 minutes right by a drunk guy singing  yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me over and over again) Sydney really wasnt sad but this picture sure made her looks like it!
Papa and Courtney in front of it's a small world! Last ride of the trip!
We went on a lot more rides too but believe it or not I didn't take pictures. Haunted mansion, , Thunder Mountain railroad, Winnie the pooh, jumping jellyfish, California soaring etc.The ones we didnt go on that we wanted to were Space mountain (Sam didnt want to do it and the line was too long to long to take the twinks) and The Grizzly River Run.  That line was really long and the fast pass was for really late in the day.  All in all it was just a great family trip!
Sydney loves Cinderella
Samantha bought Minnie Mouse with her own birthday money she saved for the trip!
courtney just being cute!