Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the drive north

Papa drove us home in the big rv. We made a couple stops on the way first in Santa Barbabra to see Emilie Wood and the in Alamo to see some peeps up there!Emilie's school is located on that point! There is a building at the tip that is an aquarium that Boo works at...she is a marine biologist major (at least for now) Rough place to go to school!
the kids played in the ocean and got nice and wet and sandy before lunch! I could have spent the whole day just sitting on the beach in the sun with the nice ocean breeze! I love and miss California!

cartwheels on the sand!
Lunch on the beach!

another Christmas card shot?
fun family photo
ahh Boo and my girls!

they all loved boo's bike!!

Love that girl!
Hot tub time at the Smiths!
We stayed at the Pates and Thursday night Sarah made a great dinner and invited the Smiths over too. It's so nice to be there. They are family! Friday night we had a weenie roast while the kids hot tubbed in the Pate's hot tub.  Jon and my dad golfed with Dave on Thursday. Friday we spent the day with our good friends the Hodge's...next post!