Sunday, June 30, 2013

Courtney day

June 23, 2013
Today was the first annual Courtney day. Last Mother's Day the girls were saying how it wasn't fair that we got a special day and they didn't. I said you get your birthday and they said we do too so we thought they each get a day where they don't have to clean, they get to pick what we do and eat (within reason) and Courtney got her day first. She wanted her dad to make sweet bacon and eggs for breakfast. We then went for a bike ride in the neighborhood.

Then we went for ice cream at cold stone. 
Then she wanted to bowl! 
We had a very "healthy" lunch at the bowling allley!

We then went and meant one of Jon's coworkers and rode a HORSE! Courtney was so happy!  Nickle is he horses name and one of the sons walked Syd and Courtney around the fields. Samantha rode all by her self!
She wanted to go to red robin for dinner but we were all so hungry and we knew it would be a long wait to get a table so we had BBQ at Dickie's! It was still tasty!
All in all it was a great day and the other two didn't complain to much about having to do what Courtney wanted to do...Samantha kept making "suggestions" to her but Courtney knew what she wanted to do!