Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Helmet lesson

Sunday night the girls were out on their  scooters. I usually am not a stickler on helmets when they are on the flat parts of the yard but I want them to wear if they decide to go down the hill. Well Courtney thought it look like a lot of fun and went down the hill on our road. I even heard yell that was awesome! Well I wasn't paying to much attention when about 5 minutes later she came in crying and holding her arm. I saw the road rash and told her to go clean it up. I followed her in to the bathroom an that's when I noticed her face. Road rash and a big knot. We wrapped her head up with an ice pack and within 20 minutes the swelling had gone way down. She said she will always wear a helmet from now on and won't be going down the hill again...I highly doubt the last part since she loves going fast and is a little adrenaline junkie! Around the same time Sydney thought riding her bike without shoes was a good idea and ended up trying to stop and stubbed her toe! Great parenting on our part but a few lessons were learned that day!